Galeyrin Two River Hold


The senior apprentice sat on the floor in the room with the vats, calmly resting in the light of a few dim glows.

"Bright bouncing berry
Shining in the sun..."
He began again, trying to compose a decent poem for his love. Shaking his head, he gets up and begins to sweep the room. After a while, Journeyman Tenziri comes in.

"You're up early, Galeyrin." he said. Galeyrin turned and smiled fondly at the Journeyman before resuming sweeping.

"I couldn't sleep." he admitted finally.

"Still no way out of that betrothal, eh?" the Journeyman asked, leaning up against the doorframe. Galeyrin shook his head, his long blonde hair swinging from side to side. He stood about 5' tall, and had blue-green eyes the girls died for... except Galeyrin had no interest in the girls.

Tenziri smirked. "I know how to get you out of it, boyo." he said. Galeryin froze.


Tenziri walked over and took the broom from the apprentice. "We've got to get you Searched." he said seriously.

"You've got to be kidding, Tenz." Galeryin said, gazing at the Journeyman. "If I Impress..."

"Hush, hush, Galey." Tenziri said, "If you Impress, I'll just arrange to get myself posted to the Weyr. Everyone knows how dragonriders like their Drink..."

Galeyrin considered. "But how will this break off the contract with Glinde?"

Tenziri led Galeyrin out of the workroom. "You can't be expected to settle down and raise a family when you're protecting the world from Thread, now can you?" Galeyrin hadn't thought of that, and eagerly went out with the Journeyman to hear more of his plan.

A few days later, Tylar found an anonymous note tucked in among the tithe from Two River Hold.

To whoever finds this--
There is a youth of 17 at Two River, a youth with much dedication to his craft, a hard worker, and a loyal friend. He is, however, betrothed to a girl from Jenir Plains that he can never love. His name is Galeyrin, and if you cannot help him, no one can.
-- A Friend.

Infy chirruped at her Impressor, trying to cheer her up. Tylar bound the letter to her green flit, and sent her to Weyrwoman Tiyanni.

Later that day, Ancith and Amitath spiraled their way down into the landing field at Two River Hold. J'rin and R'lan imediately went to find Holder Mejolin, and see what this was all about. Meanwhile, Tenziri watched.

"Now!" he whispered hoarsely, and Galeyrin got up and went outside, trying to look casual as he strolled past the dragons, who appeared to be having a conversation.

Amithath stuck out his wing, blocking Galeyrin's path. The apprentice paniced, and turned to run away. Ancith caged the frightened boy in his foreclaws.
Oh, settle down. We're not going to eat you. Ancith said forcefully.

With a draconic chuckle, Amitath got up and waddled towards the hold, and the window where Tenziri was. He peered inside with one swirling faceted eye.

J'rin, R'lan, and Mejolin headed for the workshop when suddenly J'rin froze. "Where Amitath?" he said, "In this room?"

Mejolin had no hesitation, and opened the door, letting light burst in upon Tenziri who was looking at Amitath's sparkling eye in shock. "What are you doing?" the holder demanded.

"I... I... wanted to see the dragons, sir." Tenziri stammered.

"You'd better come with us." J'rin suggested.

Mejolin nodded. "Where's Galeyrin hiding today? Vat room?"

Tenziri shook his head. "The dragon has him, sir."

The men turned on their heels, and went out to the field where Ancith yet held Galeryin.

"Let him down, Ancith." R'lan said, and the blue complied. Seeing they had Tenziri, Galeyrin collapsed on the ground, and began to tell the whole story. Mejolin and the searchriders stood and listened.

After he'd finished, Holder Mejolin glared at each vintner in turn. "I'm sorry these ladas caused so much trouble, Riders. I'll see they're properly dealt with. " he said.

"Actually, Mejolin... " J'rin said, perfectly at ease with the Holder of his former home-hold. "These two have caused you no trouble. Perhaps we should put them to work at Ryslen?"

or at Talor Cliff Ancith said, They need candidates yet.

"And if they're good, we may even let them Stand. Ancith says Talor Cliff Weyr has eggs hardeining." R'lan added.

Mejolin laughed. His eldest son had Impressed at Talor Cliff -- the now Wingleader Im'mel and Brown Nadornth. "Okay, do it. Galeyrin, go pack. Tenziri, go tell your Master to transfer you both to Ryslen, then pack. And hurry, before I change my mind."

The hatching came faster than Galeyrin could ever have expected. Tenziri was with him all the while; even on the Hatching sands. Unexpectedly, a beautiful green dragon came right up to Galeyrin. Galeyrin gasped, gently stroking the dragonet's muzzle as if in a dream.

You don't love me? the green asked worriedly, since her new bond had become so quiet in shock and surprise.

"No, Nuikath. I do love you, darling. How could I not? You're a dragon!"

What else would I be, G'leyr? Nuikath asked, trotting beside the vintner as they left the sands.

"My dreams come true..." G'leyr said, grinning.

Of course, Tenziri was left standing on the sands... dragonless. There was nothing G'leyr could do. He couldn't give Nuikath to Tenziri if he'd wanted to. It was a horrid horrid feeling to know that Tenziri had done so much to get him onto the Hatching Sands... and to know that he had been left alone. How Depressing.

Tenziri went back to Ryslen the day after the hatching, leaving G'leyr and hatchling Nuikath to learn how to be dragonriders. There had to be something G'leyr could do to cheer Tenziri up...

Nuikath has grown!

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