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Quolwic returned from his delivery, not even out of breath. "Shells, Quolwic! can you go any faster?" J'kosh exclaimed.

"I can try, sir." Quolwic replied, not boasting, but enjoying the subtle praise nonetheless.

"Pest." Tiyanni laughed, tehn took the next three messages from the stack. "D'run, R'lan, and J'rin, if he's here. Quolwic - if he's not, get the watchdragon to call him - don't you dare try running to Alabaster today."

Quolwic grinned sheepishly. Were they never going to let him live that down? "Sure thing, Weyrwoman." he said, and was off.

Though he was curious by nature, Quolwic never read the messages he delicered. It wasn't that he couldn't, it was that he didn't need to know. Tiyanni and J'kosh trusted him, at merely 15 turns, to run messages around Ryslen, and he wouldn't betray their trust for hundreds of marks.

Everything about Quolwic was brown. From his short curly hair to his sparkling eyes. He was usually seen wearing dark brown boots, loose fitting pants in a tan or khaki or even slightly green colored light fabric, and a sleevelss laced collar tunic - untied of course.
He was 5'11" tall, ans was the shortest in his immediate family, but what he lacked in height, he made up for in speed. He was oftentimes challenged by other weyrbrats to races, and rarely lost. His speed was his claim to fame.

D'run he found in the weyrling barracks, and R'lan in the living caverns with his girl, Tylar. "Is J'rin here?" he asked, not even breathing hard from all his running.

"Nope, but he'll be here shortly." the Searchrider replied. Quolwic thanked him, and went out into the bowl to wait.

Amitath appreared, and spiraled down into Ryslen's Bowl, wings flaring as he backwinged to land. Quolwic delivered the message as soon as J'rin had his helmet off, and then waited until J'rin told him to go.

Why'd you do that!? Amitath demanded of his rider. THAT is the one we need!

J'rin patted his dragon's neck, taking another look at the note in his hand. "Tiyanni wants to tell him." Amitath smugly took this as an answer, and went off to sun.

Quolwic delivered the rest of the Weyrleaders messages (which were mostly about upcoming wing inspections, unbeknownst to Quolwic) and then returned to the office where Tiyanni awaited him.

His instructions: pack up everything you own.

Quolwic was incredibly worried - what had he done wrong? He'd never shirked his duty, or spied on someone's messages... he was loyal, devoted... but if Tiyanni wanted him out of Ryslen, he wasn't going to beg to stay.

He stuffed the las thing into his satchel, and sat down on the bed. That's where Tiyanni found him half a candlemark later. She sat down beside him, the new rushes in the matress crackling invitingly. Wordlessly, she handed him a sealed message.

Quolwic stared at the wax seal for a while, taking in the graceful curve of the dragons' neck encircling two letters "T" and "L" for Tiyanni and Litayth.

"Aren't you going to open it?" The Weyrwoman whispered. Quolwic took out his beltknife and used it to unseal the note, lifting the wax from the crisply folded sheet.

To Quolwic, a trustworthy and loyal lad,
Preferred messenger of the Weyrwoman and Weyrleader of Ryslen Weyr.
In light of your great services to the Weyr,
We regret to have to let you go,
Yet are pleased to announce that
You've been Searched to Stand for Impression at Talis Weyr.
Dragonspeed & Good Luck,
Tiyanni & Litayth, J'kosh & Zerroith

The note was cast aside, and Tiyanni found herself hugged by a lad with tears of happiness running down his face.

"When you're ready, J'rin and Amitath will take you." Tiyanni said when he let go.

"How can I ever thank you, Tiyanni?" he asked, honored by the sentiment as well as permission to go from the Weyr.

"Just promise me you'll come back, dragon or no."

"I will, Tiyanni, I will!" he said, picking up his packs and fliying from the room.

Blue wings flashed as Eilbotetth soared through the skies. His rider Q'wic held tight, feeling the drag of his messenger's bag hauling on his shoulders. Eilboteth dove towards the ground, and then neatly turned to make a clean landing - nearly vertical.

"Yee-haw!" someone shouted. "Did you see that?"

Eilboteth rumbled with pride. "Good landing, Eil." Q'wic said as he swung down. He jogged inttot he office to make his delivery, and came back out swiftly as well. It was nice to be back in East Rock. Talis wasn't all that far away - well, nothing was all that far away when travelling by dragon.

Q'wic. Eilboteth said, We are wanted back at Ryslen. There is someone we're to meet.

Q'wic swung up into his place. "Let's go then!" he said enthusiastically.

The blue leapt from the ground and unfurled his pale wings. Together they flew off -- special messengers for dragonkind.

Eilboteth landed neatly in the courtyard, not sweeping up any dust. "Now... who are we to meet?"

The dragon shook his head. There's a new bronze over there. I'd guess it's him and his rider.

"Smartass." Q'wic siad, "let's go find out."

Sure enough, bronze Kalavanth was who they were meeting. Ke'l was happy to meet them, and offered them a position - to fly with him and his.

Tri Star WingQ'wic was surprised. He and Eilboteth had been flying courier for quite some time. He hadn't expected to be joining a fleet - but he was honored. "Eilboteth and I look forward to training with you, Ke'l."

I’ll catch her so fast she won’t know what happened! Eilboteth roared with pride.

“Slow down, Eil’! Catch who?” Q’wic said.

Jeschuteth, at Falas. the blue replied.

“Oh great! Let’s go!”

Falas Weyr

Return to East Rock

Talis Weyr

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