Jeniae and Sarinok
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Jeniae had been born and raised at Two River Hold, and at 14 was apprenticed to the Harpercraft at Kielac -- just like her mother Sariae. Two full turns had come and gone, and Jeniae grew to be a spritely young woman with lustrous black hair and tanned skin. Her grey-green eyes sparkled when she laughed. She was talented with wind instruments, both in crafting and playing them, and was a fair hand at composing. Not once had the archivists complained about her writing, or her efficient use of ink and hide. They had no need to.

Everything was progressing well for Jeniae -- even after being absent from the hall for three months due to her sister Maranni's accident. Many expected this brilliant lass of 16 to make Journeyman before the next turn passed.

Jeniae was in the workshop, preparing some reeds when the dragon spiraled down into the courtyard. A soft smile crossed her face as she saw the blue through the open window. With unrequited dreams of Impressing soaring through her ind, Jeniae worked at her task. The dragon's passengers dismounted, one stopping briefly to confer with someone before charging up the stairs.

Jeniae looked up as the workshop door swung open, revealing her older brother. "Sarinok! What in the Gold's name are you doing here!?" she exclaimed, setting down her tools and rising to greet him. She was at least a hand taller than him -- 5'8" to his 5'4".

"Ma and Da sent me a letter, and I set out to come share the news with you. Kolmer has been Searched -- He's to Wu Weyr with Holder Mejolin's boy Keilarhi, and now Maranni too! The Riders from Ryseln came and one -- that oddball J'lenn -- arranged for her to go to Master Baeris' for a while." Sarinok babbled.

Jeniae grinned. If Maranni didn't Impress one of those darlings that came from the Healing Den sands, the trip alone would do her good. "So two of the quints have been Searched -- what of the other three?"

"Merigel is coming along quick in vintnercraft, Annikol has shaved his head and will be apprenticed to the healercraft next spring, and Gelmar has impressed a big brown firelizard."

Jeniae launged. "He shaved his head?!"

Sarinok looked down at the letter again. "Yeah, it seems so." While they were talking, a green dragon arrived, and landed in the bowl.

Sarinok looked remarkably like his younger sister. At 18, he was remarkably fit, and very well tanned. His dark hair was all of an inch long, and his dark eyes flashed mysteriously. Sarinok had left Two River at 14, and moved to Jenir Plains. He took up racing runnerbeasts. In fact, the small man had taken to riding like a fish to water, and was better at it than some who'd been riding four times as long. He rode bareback for pleasure, and held the current bullriding record at Jenir Plains.

"Can you stay for dinner? We've so much to catch up on!" Jeniae said, putting away her things and returning to her brother.

"Sure can. I've a three day pass." Sarinok said.

"You'll need longer than that." Blyzska said from the doorway. Jeniae and Sarinok looked at the greenrider in bewilderment. "You've both been Searched for Falas Weyr."

By the commotion that followed, there was no doubt in anyone's minds that they would go.

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