Jainly; Weyrbrat Ryslen Weyr

The Weyrbrat

Jainly bounced out of his chair. "Right away sir!" he said, and ran off on the Weyrleaders errand.

J'kosh looked at A'ndo, the bronzerider Jainly had been sitting with. "We've really got to get him to Stand somewhere, A'ndo. Why won't he go?"

A'ndo shook his head. "I have no idea, J'kosh. He's been around dragons all his life -- just like the rest of us."

J'kosh sighed. "I know. It's odd. Zerroith says there's a clutch at DragonSoul Weyr. See if you can convince Jainly to go, will you?"

A'ndo saluted. "I'll do my best, sir."

Smiling, J'kosh turned and left the room.

Like they said, Jainly had been born and raised at Ryslen. He could wash a dragon as well as a long-time rider, and equally as fast -- yet he turned down each and every opportuninty to Stand for Impression. Even at Litayth's last clutch.

The brown haired lad dropped off the record J'kosh had requested, then ran through the balcony overlooking the main cavern, staying as close to the wall and as far from the edge as possible. He ran down the stairs, and came to a stop near A'ndos table. Retrieving his now lukewarm mug of klah, he drank it down before sitting.

"Wow, Jainly. You're really efficient." A'ndo said, truthfully praising his younger friend, then continued. "I'm going to DragonSoul Weyr this afternoon on an errand. Do you want to go with? Maybe we can score you a flit egg as a reward for your hard work -- or get you a place to stand for Jillyth's clutch." A'ndo held his breath.

Jainly's pleased smile quickly became a frown. "Not you too!" he cried, turning his back on his once roommate. "Why does everybody want me to stand? Can't you see I'm not dragonrider material?!"

A'ndo was taken aback. Was something wrong with his friend? Everyone was sure he'd Impress -- if he'd just get on the Sands. He would even avoid the hatchings...

A'ndo got up and moved around the table to sit next to his friend. The younger boy had tears of frustration in his eyes. A'ndo looked at him, trying to figure him out. "Jainly..." he began, putting his hand on the boy's shoulder gently. "Just because I've been a dragonrider for three turns now doesn't mean we're not still friends. You can tell me anything..." Jainly was quiet. He'd always been quiet -- but he was dedicated. "Why don't you want to Stand, Jainly?" A'ndo asked softly.

Jainly burst out with a ragged sob, "I'm afraid of heights, ok? Get off my case!" then jumped up and ran. A'ndo sighed deeply. A weyrbrat afraid of heights.

Jainly ran to his room, and cowered in the corner. It embarassed him to no end that he couldn't follow in his parents and peers' footsteps because he was so afraid of heights. The other boys who roomed with him were away, helping gather... oh, something, and weren't likely to be back for quite a while. Getting up from the floor, Jainly curled up on his bed, and slept.

While Jainly slept, images began to creep into his mind.

A clear cloudless sky, and below, treetops and a lake and more. Wind ripped past him as he plummeted towards the lake. A ways off, dragons flew in formation. He screamed to them, but they didn't respond, and he kept falling, falling, falling...

The ground grew closer, and he lake he was going to splash down in wasn't a lake, but a mass of writhing thread.

Jainly screamed, waking himself up, and sat bolt upright in bed, a cold sweat dotting his brow.

Shaking, the thin boy got up and walked down the hallway. A'ndo had heard him, and was coming. He grasped Jainly by the shoulders to support him. "What happened, Jainly?" A'ndo demanded, a sort of panic edging his voice.

"I was falling..." Jainly sobbed, "and they didn't help me..."

"Who didn't?" A'ndo said, leading his shaken friend to a bench.

"Dragons." Jainly gasped, "there was thread..."

A'ndo worried, patting Jainly's back. "It was just a dream, Jainlyy. If there was thread, the dragons would come. Alivirth would come, I know." This seemed to be a bit of comfort. Alivirth! A'ndo called mentally. You would save Jainly from Thread, wouldn't you?

Yes... but if he would Stand... Alivirth sent back.


"Jainly, Alivirth says he'd save you, but..." A'ndo said, baiting his 18 turn old friend.

"But what?" Jainly asked.

"But he says he wouldn't have to if you Impressed." A'ndo stood up. "I told him you were afraid of heights, but..."

"Ok, that's enough!" Jainly said, dashing the tears from his eyes. "I'll go if you want me to; but I'm not going to Impress.." Jainy said, then thought to himself ...because no dragon wants a rider who couldn't fly with them.

With all his heart, Jainly wanted to Impress -- he could care for a dragon, he was smart, talented, dedicated... he just couldn't fly...

"Ok. Let's get you packed then. Jillyth is waiting to see you." A'ndo said. Alivirth, please ask Zerroith to tell J'kosh that we've done it!

It didn't take long to get him packed, or get the stuff aboard Alivirth. Jainly clung tightly to A'ndo, closing his eyes tight as soon as he was settled.

Maybe we should get him a flitter too.

Maybe we should'be gotten him one instead! A'ndo shot back as he tried to loosen Jainly's grip. "Jainly..." A'ndo gasped. "The sooner you let go, the sooner this'll be over. I can hardly breathe!"

Jainly sheepishly let go, but didn't open his eyes.

"Alivirth won't drop you -- he promises." A'ndo said, then the bronze lept skyward.

After he winked in from Between above DragonSoul Weyr, Alivirth made a quick landing, so Jainly could relax sooner. A'ndo helped his frightened froend down, and with the permission of the Weyrleader, escorted Jainly in to see green Jillyth.

She whirled on them the moment they entered the grounds. She wasn't expecting visitors. Her eyes whirled angrily for a moment, then calmed considerably.

She says she wants him to Stand. Alivirth said to his rider, who promptly informed Jainly.

A smile came to the boy's face. "Thank you, Jillyth." he whispered.

Hatching written by Hydee
Another blue bugled his arrival to the Sands. His hide was a rich azure and his eyes whirled bright green. He scanned the remaining candidates of both sexes, but made his choice easily. J'in, he said to the boy once known as Jainly. You are mine, and I am yours. Do you accept?

J'in laughed out loud and ran to embrace the blue. "I do! Thank you, Evereth!"

EverethJ'in's time was taken up bathing, feeding, and oiling his blue bond, Evereth from sunup to sundown the first few days. After that, Weyrling training began. It wasn't very intense the first few weeks, but J'in's mind was entirely focused, and not even one tiny tendril of thought reached towards his fear of heights. Everything Evereth and J'in needed was on the ground level, and the constant presence of Evereth's mind in his kept him from thinking about heights as they watched adult dragons and weyrlings soaring high above them in the sky.

J'in watched in fascinated horror as his blue bond flew gracefully with the other fledgling dragons through the skies above Dragonsoul Weyr. Soon the day would come when he would have to mount up and go flying with Evereth. Just the thought made him shudder.

It will be fine, J'in. Evereth said, turning and wheeling as he followed a line of dragons through a patterned manuver. I will not let you fall.


Of course! Evereth said, projecting surety, and love, and strength to his rider. Evereth didn't understand why J'in was afraid of heights - Flying was natural for a dragon.

But not for me. J'in sent to his dragon.

It will be. Evereth sent back, turning on wingtip before making his decent.

* * *

That night, J'in again dreamed that he was falling towards that shimmering lake of silver Thread. He could see the dragons - he screamed for help.

Suddenly, he was safely astride Evereth, feeling warmth radiating from him. Evereth opened his mouth and burned the Threads to a crisp, then turned and soared away.

* * *

EverethJ'in woke up refreshed in the morning. He slipped on some clean clothes, and picked up his jacket. "Evereth." he whispered, "Come on, let's go." The blue silently rose form his couch and followed his rider outside. J'in fastened on the riding straps, fastened his jacket, and climbed aboard. "Let's go!" he whispered enthusiastically, then added mentally Before I lose my nerve.

Evereth took off, and flew high above the Weyr. J'in coulds see the surrounding countryside, and almost could make out the sea. Oddly, he wasn't afraid. Not one tiny bit.

Told you. Evereth siad, turning wide so J'in could see the Weyr.

Flying together was so exhilarating, that J'in and Evereth didn't care if this stunt wound them up in trouble.

As it turned out, everyone at DragonSoul was aware of J'in's incredible fear of heights, and when word spread around the Weyr that he was actually flying astride Evereth, everyone rushed out into the bowl to see it for themselves.

When the pair touched down, everyone applauded. It was J'in's triumph, and they shared it with him. The only punishment they recieved was increased hours with him in the saddle; of course, every other Weyrling chose to be right there with them.

* * *

Time passed, and soon the pair was ready to leave the Weyr and venture out on thier own. J'in knew exactly where he wanted to go; what he wanted to do. He packed his bags, strapped them to his forever-friend, and they made their departure from the Weyr.

The sheer nothing experienced whilst teleporting was a refreshing wake up for J'in, and as Evereth spiralled down into Ryslen's bowl, he became aware that they were being watched. A crowd began to gather, and as Evereth began his final approach, J'in picked out Tiyanni, J'kosh, A'ndo, Drikara, L'ken, and Felyar...

Evereth Ayceth reminds us that it's F'yar now... Evereth said, coming to a neat stop.

"Welcome, Rider J'in." Weyrleader J'kosh said, the first to hail him after he'd dismounted and taken off his riding helmet.

"Yes, Welcome home J'in!" Tiyanni said with a broad smile. J'in's childhood friends were grinning too.

"It's nice to be back, J'kosh, Tiyanni." J'in said, saluting. As everyone looked on, A'ndo, Drikara and L'ken converged on him.

Misty Mountain Wing"Ride with us, J'in." A'ndo said, informal, and yet, with such passion. Drikara opened her hand and presented the badge of the Misty Mountain Wing to their long time friend.

J'in grinned and took it out of her hand. "We will FLY well together, my friends."

And there was much rejoicing.

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