Non Player Characters

Non Player Characters

NPC's listed here can be used for NPC's, Contacts or even enemies where applicable.  Feel free to use these characters, or donate some, even if not fully flushed out.

NPC Archtypes - Military

NPC Archtypes - Para-Military

NPC Archtypes - Venom Soldiers

Military Specific Non-Player Characters
United States Military
Rear Admiral Washington, J.W. Jr US NAVY -- Commander, 5th Fleet, USS Thomas Jefferson
Rear Admiral - LH Colby, E. P. "Keel-Haul" US NAVY -- SOF, Commander, 1st SOF Fleet, USS James L. Flagg
Lieutenant Colonel Smith, J. "Hannibal" US ARMY -- A-Team, Special Forces
Lieutenant Colonel Lane, D.S. "Sure Fire" US ARMY -- SOF, Military Police
^ Captain Greer, C.W. "Doc", MD  US ARMY -- SOF, Medical Doctor
Lieutenant Peck, T.A. "Face" US ARMY -- A-Team, Special Forces
Warrant Officer Leialoha, E.W. "Torpedo" US NAVY - SOF, Navy SEAL
^ Master Sergeant LaFitte, E.R. "Gung-Ho"  US MARINES -- SOF, Jungle Combat
Gunnery Sergeant Metzger, W.A. "Leatherneck"  US MARINES -- SOF, Infantry
^ Ponk, L. * US ARMY -- Combat Engineer, Zulu Platoon 24th Inf RDF
^ Sergeant Sweden, W.R. "Beach Head"  US ARMY -- SOF, Airborne Ranger
^ Corporal Lavigne, C.M. "Law"   US ARMY -- SOF, Military Police
Specialist Skoog, T.S. "Tripwire" US ARMY -- SOF, Mine Detector
^ Private - First Class Kruger, U. US ARMY -- K-9 Handler
Russian Military
Colonel Brekhov, I.N. RED ARMY -- Commander, Oktober Guard
Canadian (Armed) Forces (CF)
Commodore Hatcher, P.W., OMM, CD CDN NAVY -- Commanding Officer of 1RNIRC
Lieutenant Colonel Jarvis, M.R., MB, MSM, CD CDN ARMY --  Commanding Officer of RPRC
^ Captain Stonebridge, R., MSM * CDN AIR FORCE -- Flight Cmdr 'A' Flight, 421st Tac Attack Sqn
Sergeant McComber, D.J., CD CDN ARMY -- Section Commander
^ Corporal Thompson, W.K. CDN ARMY -- Armoured Crewman, RCD
Commissioner Walbrick, J., COM, SC RCMP -- Commanding Officer of the RCMP
National Federation du Quebec
General Tremblay, D., OQ, CG, MVM, DQ NFQ Cmdr-In-Chief of Quebec's Self-Defence National Forces
German Military
^ Hauptmann Rommel, H. * GER ARMY -- Medical Doctor
^ Feldwebel Rommel, W. * GER ARMY -- Heavy Weapons
Israeli Defence Force (IDF)
^ Command Sergeant Major Ben-Gar, T. * IDF ARMY -- Heavy Weapons, Military Mayor of Lilith, Iran
Lieutenant Colonel Flint, M. * IDF ARMY -- Intelligence - MOSSAD Agent
British Forces (UK)
Staff Sergeant Bennett, D.J., CGC "Big Ben" UK ARMY -- SOF, SAS Trooper
Civilian Specific Non-Player Characters
^ Firefighter - 2nd Class Moon, T.  CDN -- Firefighter, Toronto Fire Department
^ Saint Enemy -- Mercenary
^ Sin Enemy -- Mercenary

 ^ = Character Sheet is available

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