Segen Aluf

Segen Aluf (Lt. Colonel) Mara Flint


Israeli Defence Force, Intelligence - Mossad

- Thanks to 'Werewolf'

Service Number: 28-2002
Birthplace Eilat, Israel
 Sex: Female
Age:  30
Primary Military Specialty:  Intelligence Agent
Secondary Military Specialty: Armour
Education: PhD (Ocean), PhD (Eng), MA (Biology), BA (Xeno Engineering), BA (Lost Civ), AA (Xenobiology)
Area Of Operations: Anywhere


  Trained in everything from Infantry, Armour, Hand-to-Hand, and Alien Equipment, this Mossad agent is deadly to the core.  She has worked in Lebanon, Syria, Cyprus, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Yugoslavia, Kirghizia, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

  Mara and her nine brothers and sisters are one of the most unusual family's anywhere.  Her father, Derek Flint, was one of the DEA's greatest agents, while her mother was a Mossad agent, Tanya Avir.  Soon after they married, they moved to Eilat, and began training their children as agents from the moment they could walk.  On her 18th birthday, as with Israeli law, Mara joined the IDF; and thanks to her past and her parents, was accelerated through Basic Training.

  In Lebanon, Mara's unit was ambushed, leaving Mara to single-handedly capture a hostile tank and end the ambush.  This earned her a rare battlefield commission.  After another 2 years with the IDF, she was approached by Mossad, which she promptly joined, passing her training in record time.  She spent 10 years overseas making, as one Mossad Commander stated 'James Bond look like Maxwell Smart'.

  She was home when an unknown alien warship landed in the Golan Heights, and Mara, along with several commandos, captured it after an intense firefight.  She is studying the Alien Equipment, and has a vague idea of how it works.

NOTE: Israel has kept the Aliens, named the Goa'uld,  a secret from the rest of the world.


  This 5'11" Blonde haired, green eyed beauty is trained in assassination, as well as seduction.  She speaks many languages including Hebrew, Arabic, German, Mongolian, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and a spattering of Goa'uld.

  She is one of the most ruthless people that the PC's will ever meet.  She is loyal to her nation fanatically, and will steal, seduce, or kill anyone in the name of Israel.  She is an arrogant loner who is barely able to work with others.  She can either be a powerful friend, or the deadliest of foes.

* The name Mara Flint, Derek Flint and Tanya Avir do not identify any living or dead persons.  Any coincidence is purely accidental.  The photo used above does not reflect the actual person's rank nor medals earned while in service. 


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