Command Sergeant Major Tanya Ben

Command Sergeant Major Tanya Ben-Gar

Military Mayor of Lilith Israeli Oil Town, Iran (Zulu Platoon, 24th Inf RDF)

Israeli Defence Force, Infantry - Heavy Weapons

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Tanya Ben-Gar

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Service Number: Unknown
Birthplace  Israel
 Sex: Female
Age:  30
Primary Military Specialty:  Heavy Weapons
Secondary Military Specialty: Infantry
Education: None
Area Of Operations: Central Iran


  A first generation Sabra, or native born Israeli, Tanya's parents were Russian-Jewish, and had four sisters and two brothers.  As with all Israelis, Tanya joined the IDF at age 18.  She was selected for a test program allowing women into Combat Arms, where she further selected Heavy Weapons.

  After completing her training, she took part in the Conquest of Lebanon, an Israeli answer to the Lebanon missile attack called the "Rain of Allah" which killed or wounded 3 000 Israelis.  In the fourteen month brutal war, Tanya earned her Corporal stripes, the Conquest of Lebanon ribbon and the Etour HaOz medal.  Unlike her brothers and sisters, Tanya didn't leave the IDF, or take her commission as an officer, but instead stayed as an NCO.

  Like all Israelis, Tanya supported the Peace Treaty between Prime Minister Rabin of Israel, and Chairwoman Fara Hassan of the PLA.  However, at the signing ceremony a Taliban-based group set off a Saran gas attack that killed 2 500 Israelis, and 5 000 Arabs, including Rabin and Hassan, along with most of the government body.  This allowed the terrorists to take over all of the PLA zones.  To solidify their hold, the so-called Arab Brotherhood kidnapped 2 500 children.

  Through dumb-luck, Tanya uncovered one of four hidden weapons caches, where she and Israeli Commandos raided and captured it intact, finding the location of the other three depots, as well as the children.  Within days, the four caches were taken, and the children freed.  Lieutenant-General Goldberg, who took control of Israel, personally awarded Tanya the Etour HaGevora medal and the Defence of Israel ribbon.

  With the children freed, the IDF entered the zones in full "Get Some Mode", and in a six day rampage of killing and looting, crushed the Arab Brotherhood in such a brutal way, unseen since the Baltic Wars.  Tanya earned a Etour HaMofet medal and the Crushing the Revolt ribbon.  Once sober from the anger, Tanya, like many IDF, were sickened by their behaviour.  Counting on world opinion to save them, the Brotherhood found that only the Arab Nations answered their call, as the rest of the world plunged into WWIII.  The 2 1/2 year Pan-Arab War began.  During this war, Tanya earned two Etour HaOz medals, four Etour HaMofet medals, along with the African Korps ribbon and the Victory in Jordon Ribbon.

  Now Sergeant Ben-Gar, Tanya was selected to travel to the Persian Gulf to reinforce the IDF units aiding the RDF.  As soon as she reached the RDF, she was assigned to the Freeing of Kuwait, that had been taken by Iraq.  She and the RDF freed the city and 9 000 9th US Inf. Division soldiers, who, for reasons still unknown, were refused back into US service custody.

  At this time, Tanya earned the Etour HaGevora medal and the US Silver Star, as well as the Kuwait Campaign Ribbon.  She also met Sergeant (US) Lin Ponk, who unofficially joined the IDF.  After nearly a year working with the US Army, Tanya gained a reputation for finding and capturing hostile POW camps, and earned two more Silver Stars, four Distinguished Service Crosses, six Bronze Stars and eight Purple Hearts, along with the Persian Gulf Campaign Ribbon.  She was then promoted to Staff Sergeant and assigned to Zulu Platoon with five Merkava tanks, under command of Lieutenant (US) Brian Pumacry.

  Spending two years with this platoon before the unit was cut off during a Russian offensive, and the platoon was not resupplied officially for fourteen months, and for eight months, never received an order.  The platoon would have fallen apart if Tanya hadn't made a deal with Captain Gur to buy IDF supplies with captured equipment and personnel.  Zulu Platoon almost operated as a Marauder outfit, and during this time Tanya supported the SOP to keep captured POWs as slaves instead of shooting them outright, as they would have endangered the platoon.  Zulu platoon wintered in a ski resort were Tanya finally talked Lt. Pumacry to join the IDF and bore twin children with him.

  Tanya and Pumacry planned to take the platoon back to Israel, but a summer Russian attack cancelled that plan.  During this winter, Tanya also found a lost Canadian unit, under the command of Sergeant Major Lydia Chadwick.  During the attack, the platoon moved south, freeing captured RDF personal, and picking up stragglers.  They came across a forgotten five well Ewing Oilfield, and newly promoted General Gur ordered Zulu Platoon to hold the field and set reinforcements and workers there.

  Under Lt. Pumacry's request, Tanya was promotted to Command Sergeant Major, and Gur made her the Military Mayor of the oil boom town, which Tanya has taken to calling Lilith, as the town seduced her from her dream of returning to Israel.



* The name Tanya Ben-Gar does not identify any living or dead persons.  Any coincidence is purely accidental.  The photo used above does not reflect the actual person's rank nor medals earned while in service. 


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