General Dominique Tremblay

General Dominique Tremblay, OQ, CG, MVM, DQ

Commander-In-Chief of Quebec's Self-Defence National Forces

Quebec National Army

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General Tremblay, before his promotion to General.

Dominique Tremblay

Service Number: Q88909
Birthplace St. Jean du Richeleau, Quebec
 Sex: Male
Age:  39
Primary Military Specialty:  Infantry/Command
Secondary Military Specialty: Communications
Education: BA in Military History
Area Of Operations: Quebec


  A separatist even during his service in the Canadian Forces, Gen. Tremblay made little friends during his posting to CFB Petawawa.  Once posted back to Quebec, he left for an overseas assignment.  It was here that he made many political friends in the French government.  Returning to Canada, he immediately became a card carrying member of the Separatist party in Quebec.

  Once Quebec made the decision to leave Canada, Gen. Tremblay sent ripples through the forces by sending out a memo asking for volunteers to leave the CF and return to the motherland of Quebec with him.  Before he could be captured by MP's, Gen. Tremblay made it to Quebec, where he was quickly given command of the Quebec Defence Forces.  He is still a wanted man in Canada and the rest of the NATO countries for treason.  He was given the Order of Quebec, and the first Quebec resident to ever receive the Croix de Guerre, the second highest honour in the French Empire.

  Gen. Tremblay was married to Francis (formally Walters) with no children.  Once he made the decision to leave the CF and Canada forever, his wife could not forgive him and would not follow him to Quebec.


  An amazing tactician, Gen. Tremblay is an expert at military history and strategy.  In  the brief skirmishes between Canada and Quebec, he has proved to be more than successful at defending against the CF.  He is the second most hated man from Canada's stand point, though he is loved by those in Quebec.

* The name Dominique Tremblay, Francis Tremblay, Francis Walters do not identify any living or dead persons.  Any coincidence is purely accidental.  The photo used above does not reflect the actual person's rank nor medals earned while in service. 

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