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Winter Gather Flurry Flight

Flurry. Yes, like snow flurry.

Ryslen is hosting this flurry, just for fun. As you may have noticed, Ryslen has never had a true white dragon hatch from it's sands; the closest to this is the brilliant Light dragons. Since white dragons seemed to be popping up nearly everyweyr else, Tiyanni, along with the Weyr Council, has decided to try to fix this "problem."

Kare's white Oroth was due to Rise, and was chose to fly at Ryslen, since the sands would be free by the time she was due to clutch. This however, would not guarantee that the offspring would be white - White Releith's offspring were the Lights, after all.

A rider who'd had a bit too much wine suggested that only white males be allowed to chase after her; that would prevent her clutch from being duo-toned. Reportedly, Kare overheard this, and hit the errant rider (Ar'wen, supposedly) upside the head. He then spilled his drink in a rather embarrasing location. (Ryslen loves the Lights and the Nights; don't take that wrong.) This sounded like a splendid idea, and it was arranged. If Kare had a problem with it, she never objected.

As soon as Oroth's white-only flight hit the board, there was a frenzy of activity as male whiteriders flocked to sign their splendid beasts up for the flight.

Of course, this made the other female whites dreadfully jealous; not to mention the Lights. They were white too! This wasn't fair! Their riders appealed to Tiyanni, saying that they'd never been granted special favors for flights, and that this must not go on.

Tiyanni, of course, thought otherwise. Why should Ryslen pass up the chance to have an all white flight? There had to be some way to appease them all. Kare was spoken with, and the flight was opened to Light dragons, since they were white, and the clutch sired by Anikupath hatched Light, and Zheyth's would most likely do the same. This would mean more Light dragons, but… Ryslen loves the half-white winged ones.

This still left the female whites at a disadvantage. However, Tiyanni had a solution for this as well. She'd been present at the third Frenzy Flight at Baeris Kshau's Healing Den, and though it was odd, the dragons and dragonesses did not fight; they only mated. Something about the special nature of those dragons made them amiable under circumstances bronzes and golds would not tolerate.

Thus, Oroth's white-only flight became a frenzy of sorts.

Since every dragon participating must be white or partially white, and it's due to occur when Ryslen is covered in sparkling white snow, the riders have taken to referring to this as a 'flurry' instead. Likely it won't happen again at Ryslen, but it will be a spectacular flight none-the-less.

To participate:

  • Your Male or Female dragon must be white, partially-white, or one of Ryslen's Light dragons. They must also have their adult stage up on the page.
  • The dragon must be from an adoption Weyr/Caer/etc. Click-and-takes are not acceptable. Gift dragons are also not acceptable. (If you think your dragon may not be eligible, please check with Tiyanni.)
  • If the dragon is not pure white or a Light, it must be documentable as partially white. This means they are listed in the Weyr's records as "White-something" or "Something-white". NO claiming that a normal looking dragon is "part white." Sorry, dragons from white clutches do not count.

Please note that I will be choosing which dragoness is caught by which dragon. If you have a mate preference, please feel free to indicate it, but that doesn't mean it'll happen. The fabulous Releith can't sire every clutch!

Update (9-30) After much consideration, I have decided that I will be writing the flight. This is to avoid hassles and the writing of a novel in the place of the flight.

  • Participants will be accepted until October 31st.
  • When the flight & the clutch(es) go up (Approx Nov. 15th) the theme for the candidates will also be posted. (surprised? you shouldn't be.)
  • The candidates must be in no later than December 19th.
  • The clutch will hatch sometime between December 24th and January 1st (Weather permitting).

Winter Gather Flurry Flight


Female Dragons

White Oroth
(Talor Cliff #12) -- Kare of Talor Cliff
Light Green Heuth
(Ryslen #2) -- Nycaea of Andromeda Weyr
White Maiseth
(Lasair #2) -- Serinone of Andromeda Weyr
Green-white Sevith
(Sapphire #6) -- Tilleniva of Andromeda Weyr
Light Green Tesimith
(Ryslen #2) -- Shezumi of the Protectorate
Christmas Adjandeykth
(Istabitha's #2) -- Seyahn of the Protectorate
White Gertith
(Sapphire #6) -- Xina of the Protectorate
Special Lanayth
(Istabitha's) -- Hayan of Istabitha's Weyr
Light Gold Lieyanth
(Ryslen #2) -- Vienna of Reunjriti Weyr
White Quioath
(Oceanside #18) -- Frida of Morning Star Weyr
White Gold Senorith
(BKHD SS #1) -- Myia of The Warren
Light Green Keilebeth
(Ryslen #2) -- Jeszibelle of Karayan Weyr
Silver Dantinath
(White River #2) -- Misota of the Protectorate
Light Green Verrath
(Ryslen #5) -- Kiahnya of Andromeda Weyr
Light Green Desilanth
(Ryslen #5) -- Reylena of Quinalt Weyr
Light Green Ilverinth
(Ryslen #5) -- Juniamaa of Falas Weyr
White Seryth
(TCW) -- Amalthea of Aneris Weyr
Christmas Holarith
(Istabitha's #2) -- Candari of Aneris Weyr
Green-Gold-White Tabinath
(BKHD MC Frenzy) -- Sedis of Pelar Protectorate
White Truth
(BKHD MC Frenzy) -- Iendae of The Healing Den
White Linith
(Katadon #1) -- R'yon of Ryslen Weyr
White Allotyth
(DragonStar #1) -- Alotta of IceRain Weyr

Male Dragons

White Releith
(Wu Weyr) -- L'ken of Ryslen Weyr
White Legolanth
(Thayor Weyr #2?) -- Rik'i of Ryslen Weyr
White Juhuaytonth
(Talor Cliff #21) -- L'vin of Andromeda Weyr
White White Bronze Jaluth
(Sapphire #4) -- Ep'son of the Protectorate
white, black & violet marked Deakoth
(Istabitha's #1) -- Than' of the Protectorate
White Surrith
(Wu Weyr) -- T'ran of the Protectorate
Light Brown Khalbalahath
(Ryslen #2) -- Protectorate Dragon
Light Blue Spaeth
(Ryslen #1) -- D'ilan of Cincanta
White Scyth
(Sithean) -- A*kalgon of Cy Dragonstake
White Veranth
(Morning Star #1) -- Tibs'rf of Morning Star Weyr
'White' Sampath
(BKHD MC Frenzy) -- T'nor of Andromeda Weyr
'White' Kukorikath
(BKHD MC Frenzy) -- Il'rion of Andromeda Weyr
Light Blue Nariveth
(Ryslen #5) -- M'dall of Quinalt Weyr
White Konuruth
(Talor Cliff #24) -- G'ryph of Cincanta Weyr
Silver Tuveth
(Utopian #1) -- Kaladrin (m) of Cathair Fionabhainn
Light Copper/Brown Webeith
(Ryslen #2) -- C'thal of Cathair Fionabhainn
White Rutanth
(Talis #2) -- Kythe (f) of Weyr
Light Blue Udeventh
(Ryslen #2) -- H'zar of Ryslen Weyr
White Napzurath
(BKHD MC Frenzy) -- E'lad of Pelar Protectorate
White Soneth
(Sparkul Weyr) -- K'rional of Cathair Fionabhainn
Light Blue Sekayth
(Ryslen #6) -- Keylyn of Ryslen Weyr
Blue Sovreth
(Talor Cliff #14) -- V'nor of Andromeda Weyr

The Flurry!

* * *
~ Background By Tiyanni ~

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