The young girl ran, sobbing, away from a group of bullies, her doll cradled in her arms.

"Rinayon!" she cried, "they hurt Lini!"

A tall dark haired young man walked across the kitchen. "Let me see." He said. The girl held out the rag doll, and showed him how it's leg was torn. "That must really hurt." Rinayon said. He knew that kind of damage would require some major "surgery" but that would have to wait until Kitai fell asleep.

Tugging the green hair band out of his long, thick black hair, Rinayon wrapped it around the doll's leg like a bandage and tied it neatly. "There. Now Lini will be okay." He said, his dark brown eyes smiling right along with his mouth.


"Promise. Tell her to keep that on until morning, and she'll be all better."

Kitai ran off, and Rinayon smiled broader. He loved children. He stood up, rising to his full height of 5'8". He was thin - too thin, maybe - but he was healthy nonetheless. The bullies would have to be dealt with, and fast.

Rinayon marched out into the courtyard to where the pack of 12 turn old terrors gathered. As a 19 turn old, Rinayon was a threat - he was adult enough that the adults listened to him. "Listen up boys - if I catch you tormenting one more youngling, I'll..."

"You'll what, Mr. almost-too-old-to-Impress?" The loudmouth ringleader interrupted.

"I'll have your scrawny hides for the rug in my weyr." He said, his jaw set.

"Ha! No weyr for you, Mr. no-dragon. I'll bet you never Impress."

"And if I do?" Rinayon asked, his mind already going a length a moment.

"Then I'll quit bullying." The loudmouth said.

"Me too!" said another.

"Me too!" the rest chimed in.

"If I impress, you'll all quit bullying?" Rinayon asked, hoping for a miracle.

"Yeah..." they chorused.

"Heard and witnessed." Illiri of Katadon said, walking up from behind. "Rinayon, there is a clutch on the sands at Katadon - You're welcome to Stand there."

Rinayon smiled. "Thank you Illiri. I'll see you all at the Hatching." He said, and left them. Illiri smirked, and went to arrange transport for Rinayon.

Rinayon is a bonder at Katadon Weyr
R'yon and Linith
Read the Hatching Here

R'yon cradled his tiny bond in his lap. Who would have figured a white dragon would have come from that clutch? And a female one at that? R'yon certainly hadn't even considered it. The look on the now ex-bullies faces was the second most surprising thing he'd ever witnessed.

The first was the little white dragoness' impression. Of course, it was R'yon's impression to. Linith was his, and he was hers. There was no doubt about it. But why had the little white chosen him?

Baby LinithBecause you are the only one for me, silly. the sleepy white hatchling purred into his mind.

"Of course, dollface." R'yon whispered lovingly, tracing the shaded tones of her milky white hide. He was a kind and caring young man, and though the dragoness' choice laid some suspicion on his focus in life, R'yon was sure of his path; and now he wouldn't be alone.


Linith ran across the sands, flapping her wings as she went. R'yon! R'yon! she called. Is it time? Weyrling Linith

The young man looked up from his studies. "Soon, Linith my darling. Soon. Weyrlingmaster E'ronn is very pleased with your progress. He said other whites have always matured later than their clutchmates."

I'm not like other white dragons, R'yon. They all chose riders the same as them, and I didn't. I chose you! I love you! The white dragoness said, leaning affectionately against her rider. Even at half her adult size, she was still far smaller than the greens. Not that it mattered. She was fabulous.

"And I love you, doll." R'yon said. "Let's go, it must be just about time." The dragoness started to run towards the training field. "Hey Linith! USE those wings of yours!" The white gave a little leap, and glided most of the rest of the way. "That's my girl." R'yon said lovingly.

E’ronn waited patiently as the white and her rider came. “Looking good Linith. Let’s see you fly.”

The white demonstrated her skill - shaky, yet very advanced for her size, color, and age. “Good.” E’ronn said. “Gain some more height, and strength in those moonshine wings, and I’ll let R’yon fly with you.”

“Thank you, E’ronn.” R’yon said, saluting.

“Good night now.” The burly man said, dismissing them.

Did you hear that R’yon? Linith said excitedly.

“Yes, Linith my beautiful one.” The white dragoness seemed to glow with pride.


Linith purred with pleasure, her eyes reflecting her emotion. Aren’t they handsome, R’yon? she said to her rider.

R’yon looked up from his taks with a start. “Linith? You’re not... are you?”

No need to panic, R’yon. It’s not time yet. the white responded. R’yon wiped his hands and joined his white dragon on the ledge. She’d grown remarkably well. Her wings were as long as a green’s but her body was slighter; more fragile looking, though R’yon knew better. His Linith was a ball of white-hot lightning. She could fly faster and further than any other white they’d met -- except for L’ken’s white Releith. He was something else!

Ooooh... she said, eyeing a well-muscled blue. He’d be nice!

R’yon went pale. “Linith... do all the males you’re interested in have male riders?”

Adult LinithLinith shrugged in her draconic way. I haven’t asked. Does that bother you? It does?! Linith’s wings drooped, then perked up again. Don’t worry R’yon. There’s something due to happen that will make us both happy. There's a frenzy flight at Baeris’. It’s only for dragonpairs like us.

R’yon looked at the snowy dragoness. “What do you mean, ‘like us’?”

One girl, one guy. Linith said with a mental smirk.

R’yon was puzzled. “How do you know all this?”

Well, M’lian’s purple Trillienth is signed up, and Drikara’s Kulerth. Ooh! He is one fine piece of blue, that one! Linith said. Her praise was so much R’yon blushed when Drikara walked by. Ooh! You like Dri? I would never have guessed!

After a few moments Drikara returned and stopped in front of the ledge. “Hey R’yon!” she yelled “Come down here!”

Linith shook out her wings and R’yon climbed aboard and held on as his icy pale bond dove towards the ground. She landed neatly as you please, right in front of Drikara.

“How about that?” she laughed. “A’ndo was rihgt. Linith is nimble as a feline.”

Better. Linith said smugly, including Drikara’s blue so she’d hear too. Felines don’t have wings!

Drikara smiled at R’yon, who smiled back best he could without blushing.

“There’s something you wanted to talk to us about, Drikara?” R’yon prompted.

“Ah yes.” Drikara said, “A quick message.” She put her hand in her pocket and took something out. “A’ndo wanted me to tell you there’s a meeting after evening meal in the Mountain Lounge.” She tossed him something small - a patch embroidered with two capital ‘M’s intertwined with a capital ‘W’. The Misty Mountain Wing.

“I’ll be there.” He said, then added, “Ma’am.”

Drikara laughed. “See that you are -- and for your information, it’s Drikara, Dri, or even Second - but never ‘Ma’am’. That makes me feel old, and I’m not even 30 yet!”

R’yon grinned. ‘Not like it’s matter if you were!’ he thought. Linith laughed softly within his mind. “See you then, Drikara.” R’yon said, fingering the heavy patch. This was for his jacket.

Drikarasmiled. “Can’t wait.” She said, and headed off to the lake where Kulerth waited.

We have a place! Oh R’yon I’m so excited! Linith said.

“Me too Linith - but with you not chewing...”

No worries; you can use a Thrower like the queen and green riders do. That works good enough.

Linith was sure, but R’yon was skeptical

Please note: Linith has grown much faster than her clutchmates, but only with Weyrwoman Kahla's blessing.
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