Name- Hayan
Age- 24
Gender- Female

Outgoing and friendly, and a practical joker, she has mellowed down since impressed Lanayth. Always has a joke or two to share with someone else. Small and tanned, with pronounced curves, Hayan has dark brown eyes, and mid back length curly dark brown/red hair. Usually kept up in a bun, or in a loose braid. Passionate about the things she believes in, her eyes get a funny look, and she becomes one minded. Has a deep voice, -not masculine, though, but low- surprising coming from a small body.
Name- Lanayth
Age- Adult, 3 Turns
Gender- Female

A calm, and serene Rare, clashing with her rider. She is everything her rider is not. Unfortunatly, that is a lot of good things. About to rise soon, she has adapted her riders way of cursing very colorfully, and has alot of temper tantrums, something that takes people who have known her, by surprised.

Comes from
My Weyr.

Lanayth has particpated in the Multi Color Frenzy, and had been caught by:
Jaluth, Dhumdhuanath, and Clifath.
Her offsprings were:
Cream-brown Dereyk
White-red Citak
Red-white Shibboleth

Lanayth will be particpating in the Flight Flurry.
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