Releith: Dragon Stud
Ryslen Weyr

White Releith
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Misty Mountain Wing

ReleithReleith spread his great wings, the poweder snow racing off of them in sheets, leaving his white hide sparkling in the winter sunlight. His rider, the seldom-serious L'ken stepped back and grinned at his dragon. He was the size of a brown, or maybe just a touch smaller, but certainly the biggest white ever seen in East Rock. Usually whites were smaller than greens, but not this one. L'ken figured his agile friend to be an incredibly pale brown, or maybe even a bleached bronze. No matter what anyone thought of him, Releith was a white dragon, and on top of that, Wingthird of the Misty Mountain Wing.

Previous Flights

Releith caught Queen Cytiath
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Releith also caught Rainbow Orinocth
at White River
L'ken... the great white began, looking at his rider with green eyes flecked with purple. You have heard about Oroth's flight, haven't you? The white flipped his wings to his back with a pompous air, much like that of a bronze dragon.

"Releith! Haven't you caused enough trouble on Ryslen's sands?" L'ken asked, a grin on his face.

No. The white replied with a draconic smirk, When they seek the best, the best should chase... And now it's become a Frenzy... I mean, a 'Flurry'. More females to chase; now I won't have to catch Kare's dragon if you don't want me to. Releith grinned in his way.

L'ken could only laugh. "Did I say that? Let's get out of the snow. I'll sign you up, pronto."

Releith is participating in Ryslen's Winter Gather Flight Flurry.

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The Ryslen Trio Saga

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