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Leyken was having a great time at Wu. There were new friends to meet, and he could tell the same old jokes, but they were like new all over again.

He often wondered about Alonndo and Drikara, but was so busy doing what an oddball candidate like himself should be doing, that he never had time to write them. He felt bad about it, but there wasn't much to be done.

R'lan had dropped off another candidate so soon after him, that Leyken thought he'd found her on the way home. Turns out he had. Leyken was amused, and did his best to make the shy girl feel welcome.

The days passed, and finally the hatching arrived. It was amazing, like every other hatching Leyken had stood at. When two small eggs hatched at the same time, and the hatchlings got tangled, Leyken smirked. His white hide, and her colorful one looked just like a rainbow bursting from a cloud. He moved towards them, to lend a helping hand. With the assistance of one of the girl candidates, the pair were separated with no apparent harm.

Leyken found himself repeating "Releith" to himself over and over. Hatchling ReleithSuddenly, a voice, cold like ice, yet softer than satin spoke to him. I know my name, L'ken. Can I eat now?

L'ken was shocked. The white had chosen him. Beaming, he led his brilliant white comrade out to get his first meal. He grinned at the girl who'd Impressed the Rainbow Dragon. They'd both been very surprised today.

L'yo and Keni were out in the bowl, with their brown and green dragons lounging nearby. They were both beaming at their son, and his lifemate. "Congratulations, L'ken." Keni said, and L'yo slapped L'ken's shoulder in a friendly manner.

"We knew a dragonet would find you someday, lad. Didn't think he'd be white though." The brownrider said, not at all displeased at the glimmering hatchling beside his boy.

L'ken!Can we eat now, please!? Releith pleaded, butting his shiny white head against his silly rider.

L'ken smiled apologetically to his parents. "Reileith is starving" he said, "I've got to go. Do me a favor?"

L'yo smiled back. "Sure. What can we do for you?"

"Tell Drikara and Alonndo, please? I've been thinking about them..." L'ken said, honesty shining in his eyes.

"We will when we see them, L'ken. Go feed your dragon." Keni said, grinning.

L'ken had the odd impression that they were hiding something from him, but the lingering adrenaline from Impressing Releith didn't let that last too long.

Only time will tell what mischeif can a white and his rider get into...

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