L'ken and Releith- Ryslen Weyr
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L'ken stood silently, taking one last look at Wu Weyr. The full-grown white Releith stood beside him, adorned with riding straps and carrisacks containing L'ken's belongings.

"Say, you walking snowdrift, how about we get going?" L'ken asked, kidding with his dragon a bit. Sounds good, wingless wonder. The white replied, teasing his rider in turn. L'ken grabbed the riding straps and swung aboard, fastening the straps deftly, and pulling his riding goggles into place.

"Who's wingless?" L'ken said. "I have you, moonshine." Releith rumbled happily, and lept from the ridge, soaring on his pale wings for a moment before winking Between.

ReleithTiyanni and J'kosh were surprised to see how big Releith had gotten. They'd been happy to hear hed'd Impressed white, as L'yo and Keni had told them upon their return from the hatching.

L'ken greeted the Weyrleader and Weyrwoman, and congratulated them on Litayth and Zerroith's fine clutch. They told him that they could have any weyr, as long as it was promptly recorded on the map.

"I suppose you want to see your foster-siblings right away." J'kosh said, and immediately, L'ken nodded anxiously.

"Drikara is right over there with brownrider Sy'n." Tiyanni gestured.

"Thanks Tiyanni, J'kosh!" L'ken said, "I'll talk to you later!" The whiterider ran off towards his foster-sister. "DRIKARA!" he shouted, and she braced herself for impact. The rider caught her up in a big hug, his enthusiasm showing how much he missed her.

"It's good to see you too..." Drikara said, returning the embrace. Finally he let go.

Sy'n looked a bit troubled. "I've got to go. Onaleth says J'kosh wants to see me." he said.

"Okay... See you later then, Sy'n." Drikara said.

L'ken wondered if his sister and the brownrider were a couple. Do you want me to ask? Releith said suddenly.

No, that would be rude. L'ken returned.

Oh, ok. the white said.

"Have you seen Alonndo lately?" Drikara asked, and her brother shook his head.

"Nope. Let's go find him - I've somthing to tell you both." he said excitedly.

They turned to find their foster-brother about halfway across the bowl from them. "Shells! You will not believe how much I've missed you!" he said.

"You can say that again!" Drikara and L'ken chimed.

"It was hard being without you!" Drikara said.

"I thought about you every day!" L'ken said, exhuberantly.

"I was surprised that next morning when Tylar told me!" their brother said.

"Yeah, no kidding! When R'lan told me..." Drikara smiled and shook her head.

"I can't stand it!" L'ken burst out, "You guys..." Releith landed behind him, stirring up gentle dust-devils. "This is Releith, my dragon."

Drikara burst out laughing. "For the love of little green dragons!"

L'ken glared. "Are you laughing at my dragon?! If you are..."

Drikara gasped for breath. "I'm not..."

A'ndo laughed too. "They tricked us, Ley... I mean, L'ken." he said. L'ken looked puzzled.

OOH! Releith exclaimed, as two dragons, a blue and a bronze, carefully landed behind their riders.

"This is Alivirth," A'ndo said, gesturing to his bronze. "from Rose Circle."

"And Kulerth, from Alabaster." Drikara said.

"Well," L'ken said, "how do you like that?"

"We like it just fine." J'kosh said, striding into their midst.

"Why..." the trio began simultaneously, and the Weyrleader held up a hand, stopping them.

"We didn't want to split you up, at all, let alone for two full turns." he said, "But Okserth and Ancith couldn't tell which one of you three, whether together or apart, was the qualified one."

"So you sent us to three different weyrs, thinking one would Impress, and the other two return without." Drikara said, putting it all together in her insightful way. "Exactly, Drikara, but when you all Impressed such fine dragons, we were happy we did it."

The riders beamed with praise.

"Now, we've an assignment for you three. Since you are - or were - a very good team, we ant you to learn to work together as a winglet of three. You have a week to do it, and then you'll be pared with another trio, giving you half a wing." The Weyrleader went on. "A'ndo, we want you to lead it with Dri and L'ken as your wingsecond and 'third, respectively. Do you accept?"

"Of course, Weyrleader." A'ndo said, saluting. J'kosh grinned, and left them to their devices.

"So, what are we going to call our wing, wingleader A'ndo?" L'ken asked.

He looked at the bronze, the blue, and the big white. "How aobut the 'Misty Mountain Wing'?"

"I like it!" Drikara said.

"The Misty Mountain Wing it is!" L'ken said.

And so, the trio was reunited, and their wing was born.

Shells! Releith flew Katadon's Jr. Queen Cytiath! Read it here!

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