Legolanth: Sno Dragon
Ryslen Weyr

White Legolanth
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Black Arrow Wing

LegolanthLegolanth stalked his meal in the feeding grounds, snow white on white snow. The herds were completely oblivious to his presence until the crimson lifeforce of the buck sprayed out onto the snow.

For being a small dragon, he was strong, and could be rather vicious. Rik'i, I want to participate in Oroth's Flurry. The white said as he chewed on ice cold beast. His rider blinked at him from behind riding goggles as he shivered inside his fur-lined gear.

Previous Flights

None yet.
"Why?" Rik'i asked. "Isn't just being fabulous enough for you?"

Of course not. My fabulosity must be passed on to future generations.

Rik'i could only stare. "When'd you get concerned about 'future generations'?"

When I saw Oroth and her sisters who've all been signed up for the Flurry, Rik'i. They're gorgeous - and you'll have to find a girl to keep you warm eventually. I thought this might help. The white said as he licked the last traces of his meal from his crystal talons.

"Gee thanks, Legolanth." Rik'i said a touch sarcastically.

Are you going to sign me up or not? The white said rising. I'd do it myself, but I can't read, write... let alone get into the hallway where the flightboard is.

This caused Rik'i to laugh. "You win. I'll put you down... as long as we can go inside RIGHT NOW. I'm FREEZING!"

Legolanth chuckled in his draconic way, and gave his rider a lift back to the weyr.

Legolanth is participating in Ryslen's Winter Gather Flight Flurry.

Legolanth was hatched at Thayor Weyr, which closed Sept. 2001

Due to unfortunate circumstances, Thayor Weyr's white weyrling and adult images were lost. Many thanks to Falora of Talor Cliff Weyr for lovingly donating her white dragon images to represent Legolanth.

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