Rik'i and Legolanth


Rik'i's Candidacy

Rik’i gently scrubbed his dragon’s pale hide in the cool waters of the Weyr lake. Who expected a white dragon to hatch? Who expected TWO white dragons to hatch? And who expected one to pick him?

LegolanthLegolanth’s wound was superficial, and may leave a slight line, but the dragonhealer was sure he would grow out of it. Rik’i on the other hand, would have a scar on his arm for the rest of his life. The healers said that he might be able to reduce the size of it and minimize pulling if he kept his own skin oiled.

Oil sounds good. Legolanth said, nearly dry now in the sun.

“Sure does, Legolanth. And then some lunch. I am hungry!”

“You’re always hungry!” Seriael laughed from where she was scrubbing her green nearby.

“But I never gain an ounce.” Rik’i retorted. “You’re just jealous.”

“No I’m not.” Seriael said. She too had a high metabolism.

“Well I…” Rik’i began.

Don’t, Rik’i. Legolanth said. Let’s do this, and go eat. She’s just a girl. Don’t let her beat you.

Legolanth, WeyrlingRik’i watched as his opal-colored bond pounced upon one of the larger beasts in the herd. Blood sprayed across his muzzle, but the white ignored it, intent on feeding.

Many of the weyrlings had trouble watching their young lifemates eat - it was messy, and generally not a pretty sight.

Rik’i didn’t mind. He’d seen worse. In fact, he’d lived through worse, and had the scars to prove it. He’d grown taller, but even tossing firestone sacks hadn’t bulked up his scrawny frame any.

No need. Legolanth said, following his rider’s train of thought. You are perfect for me, and I am perfect for you.

Rik’i grinned broadly. He could only wait and see what the future would bring - and whatever it brought, he and Legolanth would be ready.

"Legolanth, my first and only love, do you know what this means?" Rik'i said, holding out a length of carefully scribed paper to his white dragon.

Adult LegolanthNo, I can't read. Legolanth replied calmly. Why don't you tell me?

Rik'i mimed slapping his dragon with the notice, even as the walls of Thayor Weyr seemed to crumble around them. "We've been asked to go to Ryslen Weyr."

Yes, and? the dragon prompted.

Black Arrow Wing"Word of our accomplishments has reached 'Leader Q'wil of the Black Arrow Wing, and he wants us to fly with him." Rik'i explained. The sun shone on his scarred arm, and off of Legolanth's healthy white hide.

Sounds like fun. More fun than hanging around here watching the Weyr fade away. Legolanth said. When do we leave?

"As fast as I can get packed!" Rik'i said. "Now how about a lift up to our weyr, handsome?"

Note: Due to unfortunate circumstances, Thayor Weyr's white weyrling and adult images were lost. Many thanks to Falora of Talor Cliff Weyr for lovingly donating her white dragon images to represent Legolanth.

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