Purple Dragons Fly- when dreams cause those who dream the most to unite.
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Dragonís fly is a popular inn in the heart of a very successful community in Pern. The community is protected by a Weyr called Cliffís Depth with itís proud Weyrwoman and overseen by a powerful Hold with a High Lord Holder by the name of Kallend. Created mysteriously as it existed, it is both popular with the young ones and the old ones. Dragonís fly is a story about the lives of people who have been touched by Dragonsí Fly, or has touched this rather mysterious bar slash inn.
The original are fifteen inhabitants of the community from Cliffís Depth Weyr as well as the neighborhood of the inn itself. Their stories revolve around the desire for the new life spurred by perhaps the first of their true descendents. It is a story of childhood turmoil and adult grief when things donít quite go the way you want with a touch of Dragonís Hope that add a fresh touch of klah to the whole mix.
Welcome to Dragonsí Fly, I am Naeodin, and I will be your host for tonight.

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