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Name: Jintha
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Candidate at: Falas Weyr

Personality: One of those people who happens to be spiteful and mean naturally, she doesn't like being given orders, and yet is horrible at giving them herself. Not a natural leader, she's a vindictive young girl who has a pechance for men. A very free young woman, as her twin sister seems more "nice", she is a rather cruel, almost evil young woman whose only weakness is that she likes men. Very much. HOwever she does have a nice side, for she is not all that bad, only that she doesn't see how her actions should matter to people. Very defensive about her sister, there is an almost obssessive love when it comes to her sister getting hurt. A light hearted young woman, she is the type you should meet if you want a one night stand... and yet a warning; should you be weak in any way, she will sniff it like a blood hound on a trail and exploit you for all you've got.

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