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Kamar walked in and immediately his eyes seemed to shift like a predator’s as he took in his surroundings as well as the women who flocked at Dragons’ fly. Walking in with the arrogance of one who was used to being admired, and no doubt being admitted he turned and smiled slowly, his eyes working their way from the dainty feet of the young woman even as the slightly more sober man by his side stopped to smother a chuckle.

“Kamar!” the squeal that occupied the bright intense violet hair, as the slender figure seemed to fly into his arms and somehow press her to him in the most intimate places had his eyes widened for a moment before he started to laugh. “Didn’t you miss me?”

“Of course.” Yet it seemed more of a custom, then an actual answer that had him state the words. Turning with a suffering look to the tall dark haired man who was supposed to be his friend, it was only with a chuckle that Duvan moved forewords to pick the young lady out of his arms.

“Come on Jintha.” He said in his ever-reasonable voice. “You don’t want me to bring in Dustan, do you?” it was clear to everyone that Dustan, Duvan’s twin brother was rather feared by this young wench. Her eyes widened and glittered dangerous as she thrust her chest forewords as if preparing for a fight.

“Jintha.” Quietly, Beena walked forewords; ash blonde hair rippling as she gently fetched her sister with that slightly complacent smile on her face. “Surely Kamar will pay us a visit when this is all over?” while her voice was definably more submissive, the husky invitation was still there as she led her sister away, pausing for a moment to say. “Kista wants to see you.”

As if somehow these were the wrong words, Kamar rolled his eyes even as he rolled his shoulders. “What ever the princess wishes, I shall grant,” he stated with an ever-suffering sigh, turning to Duvan. “You’ll stay with me, right friend?”

“If you only hadn’t mentioned that friend thing…” and yet he grinned. “Would I let you walk into the jaws of the Weyrwoman’s daughter without protection?”

“In a heart beat.”


From the corner of the room in the shadows a youth sipped at the drink with his hooded brows lowered into a frown even as he tried to fix the hang over with yet another drink. Yawning slightly and stretching the way a feline would after a long, successful nap he caught the attention of a waif like white haired young woman who walked over with a smile on her face.

“Would you care for another drink, Mitar? Or should I leave you to brood by yourself?” the shy teasing was evident in her voice even as she smiled slightly, tilting her head to watch the goth like youth who seemed to live in the corner of the inn.

“I need nothing more, Kooska.” He said firmly, his voice a quiet yet strong whisper as he watched the waitress with cold eyes. “Go bother some other man.”

Slightly disappointed by the response and yet not truly knowing what to do, Kooska hesitated and yet the loud cursing from the bar saved her the trouble of being embarrassed. Smiling with relieve to see the resident grouch was again complaining, she walked over with a slight smile on her face.

“Mino.” She tried to say sternly, grinning all the while. “Do you want me to kick you out for ruining Kara Mex’s tables?”

“She would never kick out her best costumer.” He retorted. “What’s a young girl like you doing here anyways? You should be at home, working like a young woman.” He frowned then, as if not able to get his perceptions straight. “In fact, why aren’t you married and raising kids like I told you too?”

With a quick roll of her eyes she chuckled, and yet before she could say anything as if an answer to the prayers, the dark exotic woman who owned the joint walked in with a breeze as she smiled, noting the scowl on Mino’s face. She had always held softness for this grouch.

“What can I do for you, Mino?” as the owner of the establishment, she was well known in this town and she was greeted by hearty cheers that she playfully ignored.

“You can tell me where my daughter is.” He grumbled.


Koomi’s dark eyes were shining as she looked into Kista’s, glad merely to be in the presence of the one she worshipped. Merely a drudge, she watched the Weyrwoman’s daughter with a look of awe. “And then? Then what did you say?”

“That I could hardly meet someone below my station, of course.” With the arrogance of a Lady Holder, her eyes crinkled in the corners with impish satisfaction. “Of course, if it had been Kamar…” both ladies giggled at this, for even while she was only a drudge, Kista liked her worshipping enough to consider her a hypocritical equal.

“Pretty.” Saying it softly, the slightly slow voice caused both to look into wide pale green eyes of the owner’s slightly retarded daughter who was gazing at the pendant around Kista’s next with a look of fascination. While Kista was known as both petty and vain, she had enough of the characteristics that had proclaims her mother a Queen rider that she smiled softly.

“You like it?” unclasping it she handed it gently to the girl who was only a turn younger then her and smiled softly. “You can have it.”

With envy in her eyes for not having said anything, and watching a prize leave into the hands of a retard, her eyes narrowed and yet they were taken away by the sight of the doors opening with a loud song. “Look, it’s Kavan… and he’s got a girl with her.” She whispered excitedly like a young girl who had spotted a gossip.


Dahn walked in before the two and looked back at the furious whispers with a laugh. “No need to be shy.” She said, amused with a droll grin creeping up the sides of her lips even as she arched a brow. “Kavan, a new young lady?” Kavan, the resident joker and subordinate blushed slightly even as he laughed it off.

“You’re looking at by sister Dahn.” He said reproachfully, and yet he was much too pleasant to sound strict. “Besides, isn’t that your father calling you?”

“Oh, he’s always calling me.” Yet her smile was fond. “He can’t live without me.” She teased, yelling it out loud enough to see her father turn his scowl at her direction. Yet the slight exotic air around the younger sister had her peer. “Hello there.” She was the same age as the little brat who was sitting on her little throne, and yet different.

“It’s nice to meet you.” So polite, and so different from her brother with her solemn smile that Dahn knew everyone would question the relationship. “My name is Keena.” There was an air about her that had her cast a glance to where the others were looking with a chuckle.

“You’re going to cause a stir around here.” she prophesized, grinning wryly. “I don’t think the princess will like it either.”


Kista’s eyes narrowed at the arrival of the new girl, her crimson hair gleaming and she felt the first stirrings of a sense of territoriality as she watched this all. She didn’t like the new girl; she didn’t know why, except it was one of those intuitive senses that bothered her. Feeling a tightening around her head and looked to see that Koomi was feeling just as threatened, she would have laughed when she realized that the girl felt threatened because she believed her position was being threatened.
Like she would want that red head as her personal slave.
Things wouldn’t have been so bad until she saw the appreciative glance Kamar shot the other girl followed by a low whistle.

“Well well.” He seemed to purr as he approached her, smiling as he did so. There was something different about the glint in his eyes that had Kavan tense protectively, had he not see a similar gleam in his younger sister. “What did you bring Kavan?”

“My sister.” There was a tone to his voice, an uncharacteristic tone that spoke of strength, of protectiveness even as Jintha approached to draw him away. He noticed from the tensing of the shoulders that she was feeling jealous- and yet by the smirk she aimed at Kista, smug to see that Kamar was interested in someone else.

“I wouldn’t have realized that.” There was no sarcasm in his voice as he leaned forewords to kiss the exposed wrist even as he smiled slightly, a hint of promise in his eyes as his voice seemed to lower into a huskier murmur. “My name is Kamar.”

“Keena.” Her voice was slightly breathless as she watched him, eyes widening slightly even as she stood there. “My name is Keena.” Licking her lips slightly, she smiled.


“That boy- how does he do it? She seems infatuated already.” Muttering something about the promiscuity of the young people, he looked over at Kara Mex with suspicion. “Why do you allow this kids to…”

“Because I was one myself.” With amusement she looked over to see that young Kooska had gone over to fetch her younger daughter. A fierce wave of protection seemed to overcome her, for she had been young when her daughter had been born, and had felt responsible ever since.
She also felt a sense of gratitude to the young waitress who bore a burden larger then she had the write to bear. Smiling slightly, regretfully she grinned as her daughter approached her.

“Me no like being around conflict.” She said steadily, solemnly and looked over to see Mito giving her an irritated, and yet soft glance.

“I don’t either.” With a cheerful grin Dahn sat down next to the younger daughter, wrapping her arms around her father as she did so. “How have you been, old man?”

“No thanks to you.” This caused Kooska to giggle slightly, blushing the instance she was caught and catching Dahn’s appreciative eye, blushed even harder.


“That one’s different, you know.” Leaning back and watching, Mito had walked over casually to see what the spectacle was about to bump into the ash haired young woman.

“What?” startled, he bumped into the silent form of a tall man who seemed to stance watching as if a fight would start any moment.

“Kamar’s always obsessed with women- but that’s one different. I have an eye for these things… my sister and I have been in love with him since he was ten.”

“I’m sorry for you then.” At a loss as to what he was supposed to say he only watched her.

“He’s different as well.” Turning, he was startled to find the exact image of the man who hovered smiling slightly in an introduction. “Duvan, friend to that lout over there.” He said, motioning to the crowd. He had an easy going manner that seemed to set Mitar at an ease. “Unfortunately, she’s right… this is all different.”


Things get a little bit Hot

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