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Name: Kista
Age: Sixteen
Gender: Female
Candidate at:

Personality: A spoilt little angel, she's been raised by the Weyrwoman as what she is, the Weyrwoman's Child, almost as if it is some type of rank. Due to this, she has always grown up with that sense of confidence, that over eager arrogance that is not completely unfounded. A striking girl, she is vain and a cunning girl, she has the potential to become a great leader due to her mind. A bit of a paradox, she can be quite overwhelming at times due to her high and mighty attitude, and yet people do put up with it because there are those times when she seems to fit the role, when she deserves those little breaks of power. She is fiercely protective, and while she can be sadistic, it is ironic because only she is allowed to abuse them. Careful with her heart, her bark is a lot worse then her bite, and thus her closest friends know that her attiude is more of an act to hide something else.

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