Purple Dragons Fly- when dreams cause those who dream the most to unite.

Name: Keena
Age: Sixteen
Gender: Female
Candidate at:

Personality: A nice, young girl she's a slightly shy exotic young girl that no one can believe is related. With an air of unrelenting perfection about her like a cloak, it is hard not to tell why she attracts so much attention. A thoughtful young woman, she is a natural leader in a quiet, suggestive tone that brooks no argument. Mild mannered, it is impossible to get her angry and yet she has strength of steel. Sly, and yet not in a vindictive way she knows how to use her own self as a weapon, and yet only does this for the benefits of others- although it can be argued. Perhaps the most leader like person of the group, she can be manipulative, and yet she would never simply use and discard someone.

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