Member Presentations on Parliamentary Procedure and Law


These presentations are for information only, and are not to be construed as an official position of AIP or the Parliamentary Society of Toronto.


Abuses of Parliamentary Procedure – Richard Slee

Adjourn – Yvonne Greig

Agendas, Special Orders, and Orders - Richard Slee

Alternatives to Parliamentary Procedure – Ellen Campbell

Anticipating Difficult Meetings – Peter Crabtree

Bilingual Rules - Fran Goddu

Building Democratic Institutions – Ellen Campbell

By-Laws in Motion – Henry Miller

Changes in the Standard Code – Sturgis – James Lochrie

Changing Your Mind – Ellen Campbell

Close Debate – Larry O’Neill

Close Debate – Richard Slee

Committees – Richard Slee

Developing a Code of Conduct for a Board A Case Study Michael Mouritsen

Discipline – Richard Slee

Dissolution of a Society – Ellen Campbell

Division of Question & Consideration by Paragraph – James Lochrie

Election of Officers and the Structure of Organizations – Yvonne Greig

Executive Officers’ Duties – Genny Humby

Executive Sessions – Genny Humby

Fill in the Blanks – James Lochrie

Forming a Society – Richard Slee

Fundamental Principles Of Parliamentary Law – Richard Slee

Guidelines for Conducting a Meeting - George Meek

History of Parliamentary Procedure – John Sooran

History of Parliamentary Procedure (Ancient & England) – Richard Slee

History of Parliamentary Procedure (US & Canada) – Richard Slee

Impact of Court Rulings – Len Lytwyn

Impact of Court rulings on Organizations – Len Lytwyn

Incorporation of a non-profit organization in Ontario – Len Lytwyn

Lay on the Table – Larry O’Neill

Limit Debate – Ellen Campbell

Magna Carta – Yvonne Greig

Majority and Its Different Meanings – Peter Crabtree

Mass Meetings - Yvonne Greig

Minutes – John Sooran

Misconceptions about Rules of Order - Yvonne Greig

Motion to reconsider – James Lochrie

Municipal Parliamentary Procedure - Yvonne Greig

Notice – Peter Crabtree

Object to Consideration – John Sooran

Order of Precedence – Abbas Khan

Orders of the Day – John Sooran

Parliamentary Problems Recently Encountered by a Volunteer Board:  Two Case Studies - Michael Mouritsen

Parliamentary Procedure & Unions – Larry O’Neill

Parliamentary Procedure in an International Organization – Ellen Campbell

Parliamentary Process in an International Setting – Ellen Campbell

Parliamentary. procedure simplified: moving from Roberts Rules to Rock-Paper-Scissors – Janis Hedrich

Point of Order – James Lochrie

Postpone Indefinitely – Peter Crabtree

Presiding Officers – Ron McCallum

Question of Privilege – Peter Crabtree

Questions of Privilege – James Lochrie

Quorum - Larry O’Neill

Reality vs Practicality - Fran Goddu

Refer to Committee - James Lochrie

Responsibilities of the Presiding Officer – Peter Crabtree

Responsibility in an Organization – Henry Miller

Restorative Motions – John Sooran

Right to Meet - James Lochrie

Role of Board of Directors- Ellen Campbell

Roles and Responsibilities of the Secretary – Stephen Powell

Rules governing the procedures and deliberations of Committees – John Sooran

Rules of Debate – John Sooran

Software - Robert's Rules in Motion – William Nalepka

Suspend the Rules – Jim Lochrie

Suspend the Rules – Richard Slee

Teleconferencing – Ivan Watts

Treasurers, Boards and Anarchy – Peter Crabtree

Understanding Precedence – Peter Crabtree

Voting under Robert’s Rules - Larry O’Neill

Voting, Absentee and Abstention – Henry Miller

Writing Constitution & By-laws –Richard Slee



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