Presented to the Toronto Parliamentary Society, by Richard Slee on December 3, 2002


General Principles



Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, 10th Edition


In a Meeting


Outside of a Meeting



Demeter’s Manual of Parliamentary Law and Procedures, by George Demeter, Revised edition 1969


Chapter 19, pages 259 to 269.



The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure Third Edition Alice Sturgis, 1988


Pages 213-215



Bourinot’s Rules of Order, Third Revised Edition, Geoffrey Standford 1977


Page 29 Decorum and Page 56 Order.


Rules of the House of Commons



Rules and Usages for Assemblies Generally



Procedures for Meetings and Organizations, Second Edition, Kerr and King


There is nothing in Kerr and King that comes under the heading discipline. Organizations using Kerr and King should do what they recommend on page 33 “to establish a set of fair procedures before such an occasion arises”.


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