General Guidelines For The Conducting Of A Meeting




We all are partners in this organization and '__________ Rules of Order' along with these Guidelines & your co-operation will assist us as we work together to move this organization forward in a positive manner. Rules of order are designed to facilitate and not impede the operation of a meeting, get the business done in an orderly manner, help us spend our time well, and make good decisions in the interests of this organization.




- we are here to debate issues - not personalities

- refer to me as 'the Chair/Speaker, or Mr. Chair/Mr.Speaker

- if you wish to speak, please approach a microphone to be recognized in order by the Speaker the microphones will be numbered & the Chair will move among the microphones in order- there should be a microphone reserved for use only by the Speaker

- speak through or to the Chair/Speaker and identify yourself by name (and whom you represent) each time you speak

- refer to fellow delegates by using such words as 'previous, latter, and former' rather than 'a name'

- questions can be asked about reports and resolutions but only in the order of being recognized by the Chair- a supplementary question is allowed one can still enter into debate on a resolution after asking a question

- debate is reserved for resolutions and is to be to the resolution or the amendment

- try to speak once only to the resolution under debate, be succinct and add new material to the debate

- speak for or against the resolution and indicate this at the outset of your remarks

- after the introduction of a resolution is accepted by the Speaker, the mover shall be asked to speak to it and may speak once more later in the debate- the seconder will be asked to speak also- he / she may choose to pass

- resolutions and amendments of substance are to be in writing and a copy provided to the Chair in advance

- use your 'voting cards' when voting (if they are used)

- a resolution 'to close debate' requires a 2/3 majority of those voting

- most resolutions require a majority of those voting 'to carry'- some may require an enriched majority as set out in your Constitution or Bylaw

- and as usual, cel phones are to be turned off


Let Us Proceed !


Prepared by George V. Meek, Meeting Presider and Parliamentarian

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