Minaeya & Auspexeth
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Minaeya's Candidacy
Benjarin's Candidacy

Minaeya had been relieved to finally get a glimpse of her own aura. After awhile, she couldnít see the glow anymore, but she still felt the bond to Night Green Auspexeth.

There is someone coming. Auspexeth said, turning her head towards a tallish man walking with Jeniae. She was edged in green, and Minaeya smiled when she saw what color was hovering around him.

"Minaeya?" Jeniae began. "This is Journeyman Healer Benjarin. Heíd like to talk to you about Auspexeth."

Minaeya smiled. "Sure." She said. "Anything to help." Benjarin sat down on the ground opposite Min.

Jeniae grinned. "I have to go report in. Iíll be back to take you on to Falas in a little while, Benjarin." She said.

"Ok Jeniae." Benjarin said, turning back to Minaeya. "So... tell me about Auspexeth--thatís her name, right?"

"Right." Minaeya said, rubbing the darkly colored green. "Sheís child of Sxoith by Black Faloritoth, and seems absolutely normal dragon to me."

AuspexethIím not normal, Iím Auspexeth.

Minaeya laughed lightly, passing on the silliness.

"I see." Benjarin laughed. "I donít know much about dragons...yet...but would you mind if I looked you over, Auspexeth?"

Of course not, anything to help a healer she said, trotting over to him.

Benjarin, slightly surprised at having been spoken to directly by a dragon, ran his hands over her green and black body from head to tail, feeling how the muscles lay under her hide. He complimented her on the smooth tapering of her tail.

Minaeya laughed. "It wouldnít do to have a thickened tail."

Benjarin pondered. "Iím holdbred--I thought it was a metaphor."

Min shook her head. "Itís not."

"I have a lot to learn." He said. "Extend your wing please, Auspexeth?" As far as Benjarin could tell, Auspexeth was as healthy as a runner beast. By the time Jeniae returned, Benjarin knew everything weyrling Minaeya could teach him about dragons.

"Are you ready, Benjarin?" Jeniae asked.

"Yesím. Thanks Minaeya. Iíll see you later." Much later Auspexeth said as they departed. If he doesnít bond a dragon...Iíll...Iíll...

Auspexeth trailed off, not having an end to her idle promise.

"Eat your hat?" Min suggested.

But I have no hat. Auspexeth said, eyes whirling with draconic laughter.

Auspexeth has grown!

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