Minaeya & Auspexeth
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Auspexeth as a Hatchling

As the days went on, Minaeya’s surprise gift of seeing auras did not dissipate. Auspexeth couldn’t see them, unless she "looked" through Minaeya’s eyes. But she could definitely tell which humans were candidate quality, and which weren’t. Some people came to the weyr from time to time presenting themselves as candidates. Rarely did they have what it took to be a rider.

After Auspexeth could fly, she and Minaeya took to keeping Kerli and Sxoith company at the watchrider’s post atop Ryslen Weyr’s rim.

After Sxoith’s "abandonment" of her clutch to Naoth’s care, J’kosh insisted that they had a break from time to time, and days completely off. Kerli enjoyed the companionship, be knew it was not going to last.

Minaeya stretched, spreading her fingers and toes. Auspexeth stirred on her couch as her rider slipped out of bed and crossed her weyr to the private bath. She'd had a long soak the night before, but a quick splash always helped her to wake up.

AuspexethAs she toweled her hair dry, Auspexeth relayed a message to her - she was wanted in the Weyrleader's office.

Min slipped into some casual clothes, and left her weyr barefoot. Auspexeth conveyed her bareback to the weyrbowl, then soared to the rim to chat with Sxoith - her mother.

Black Arrow WingIn J'kosh's "office" sat the entirety of the Black Arrow Wing, as well as J'kosh and Weyrwoman Tiyanni.

Light Blue Udeventh's rider, H'zar, scooted over to give Minaeya a place to sit. All of their auras were cheerfully bright this morning. Something drew Minaeya's gaze to Syrinx. There was a brightish haze over her abdomen. Was she pregnant? Syrinx blushed as Min's eyes lingered. Auspexeth, please tell Opoysith that I'm very happy for her rider.

J'kosh waved for Minaeya to sit, so she did. H'zar grinned. "Sorry to call you so early, Minaeya, but it's going to be a busy day." Min nodded. "Q'wil and his wing wish for you to join them..." J'kosh began, and Tiyanni finished.

"... but Ryslen needs your talents as a Searchrider."

Minaeya wasn't startled by this. She knew Auspexeth was sensitive to candidates - and she could "see" them herself.

"What's your choice, NightRider?" J'kosh asked.

This startled Min. Choose? "Couldn't I do both?" Min asked, looking to the Weyrwoman and Weyrleader.

"Good answer." Q'wil said softly from beside her.

Tiyanni nodded. "You'll have less time to Search than the others while training with your wing." She said.

Minaeya nodded. "I'm aware of this, Weyrwoman. I believe Auspexeth and I can handle it - and those four blues are very capable of Seaching and being Dedicated to their wings..."

Aeza giggled. "I'm sure you'll do better. Auspexeth is the only non-blue Searchdragon Ryslen has!"

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