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Sundara Kandam of Sage Valmiki
(Translated by Mr.P.R.RamaChander)

Introduction to Ramayanam.
Sundaram Kandam - An Introduction.
Parayana Vidhana of Sundara Kandam.
Chapter 1 --- Crossing of Sea by Hanuman
Chapter 2 ---- Entering in to the city of Lanka
Chapter 3 --- Winning over Lankini
Chapter 4 ----Wandering all over lanka
Chapter 5----Seeing Rakshasas and Rakshasis.
Chapter 6 --- Entering palace of ravana
Chapter 7 ----Seeing Pushpaga Vimana
Chapter 8---- Description of Pushpaga Vimana
Chapter 9----Description of Ravana's harem.
Chapter 10----Seeing Mandodhari
Chapter 11--- Searching in drinking hall
Chapter 12----Hanuman's worry.
Chapter 13 ----Disappointment of Hanuman
Chapter 14 ----Searching in Asoka Forest
Chapter 15---Seeing Sita Devi
Chapter 16---Sorrowing about Sita Devi
Chapter 15---Seeing the Rakshasi
Chapter 18---Coming of Ravana
Chapter 19---Description of sage like Sita Devi
Chapter 20---Ravana's prayer of love
Chapter 21---Sita dismissing Ravana's request
Chapter 22---Ravana fixing period for Sita
Chapter 23---Rakshasis persuading Sita
Chapter 24---Rakshasis terrorising Sita
Chapter 25---Sorrow of Sita Devi
Chapter 26--- Sita Devi trying for suicide
Chapter 27---Trijata's dream
Chapter 28---Trying to commit suicide by hanging on her own hair
Chapter 29---Seeing of good omens
Chapter 30---Thinking about ways to console Sita
Chapter 31---Narrating the story of rama
Chapter 32--- Sita Devi seeing Hanuman
Chapter 33---Hanuman staring conversation with Sita
Chapter 34---Informing Sita of the welfare of Rama
Chapter 35---Detailed description of looks of Rama and Lakshmana
Chapter 36---Presenting of the Signet Ring of Rama
Chapter 37---Hanuman showing his Viswa Roopa
Chapter 38---Sita giving her hair brooch
Chapter 39---Consoling of Sita Devi
Chapter 40---Giving permission for Hanuman to go
Chapter 41--- Destruction of Asoka forest
Chapter 42---Killing of Rakshasa KInkaras
Chapter 43--- Heralding the victory of Sugreeva
Chapter 44--- Killing of Jambu Mali
Chapter 45---Killing of seven sons of ministers
Chapter 46---Killing of five commanders
Chapter 47---Killing of Akshaya Kumara
Chapter 48--- Tying of Hanuman by Brahmastra
Chapter 49---Seeing Ravana's prowess
Chapter 50--- Prahastha questioning Hanuman
Chapter 51--- Hanuman's advice/a>
Chapter 52---Avoiding killing of an emissary
Chapter 53---Setting fire to the tail of Hanuman
Chapter 15---Setting fire to the city of Lanka
Chapter 55---Hanuman's fear
Chapter 56---Jumping and rising from city of Lanka
Chapter 57---Reaching the Northern shore of ocean
Chapter 58---Narrating the happenings in Lanka
Chapter 59---Discussing about future actions
Chapter 60---Angadha's words
Chapter 61---Destroying of the honey forest
Chapter 62---Troubling of the forest guards
Chapter 63--- Informing about destruction of the honey forest
Chapter 64---Returning of Hanuman and others
Chapter 65---Telling about stories and giving of hair brooch
Chapter 66---Enquiring about what has been told by Sita
Chapter 67---Informing about what has been told by Sita
Chapter 68---Informing about how Sita was consoled

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