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Wins:   Losses:    
Overall Record 4   1    

Redphive Preseason 3   1    
Opponent Map First Half Second Half Result Screens
West Coast Riderz -- wR* de_prodigy 10-7 16-1 Win n/a
k3 -- -k3- de_cbble 13-4 16-1 Win n/a
Evil Geniuses -- EG. de_aztec 4-13 9-8 Loss n/a
Designed to Kill -- -=Dtk=- de_dust2 15-2 10-7 Win n/a
CAL West Open 1   0    
Rare -- -=Rare=- de_storm 7-5 10-2 Win n/a



**note some demos/screens may be available for a short time after any match here

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