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Weekly Update
We won last weeks CAL match on storm, GG to those who played. Today also brought us another victory in R5 League on dust2. GG to DtK, although I'm a little worried that one of their players is "unable" to provide demos. Let this be a reminder to us all to ALWAYS take demos since we get a LOT of HAXX accusations. For those who don't know I now only play on R5 when screwing around and go by the name MaC-aTTaCk. Match tuesday on CAL open on cobble against Urban Mercenaries. We only have 2 ppl confirmed to play, so get into the iRC channel dammit. I want to get as many of you involved in matches as possible so that we can start to find top lineup for our next matchup with the likes of EG. I think, with a good map and a top lineup, that we can give EG a decent run for their money.
GG Evil Geniuses
As was expected, we lost to EG in our R5L match. Good job to EG for a pretty good match. We gotta find another server to play on as R5 simply sux for packet loss (although it worked both ways for sure). We had some problems getting players out to play (TOYZ WTF WERE U!) so that certainly hurt. Props to AvH (zapstrap) for stepping in and playing a good game. I also need to go buy some new mics. Don't forget the CAL match on Tuesday on Storm. Try to learn the map before then as most of us don't play it. Message mt if you can make it or just stick around in iRC and he'll come calling.
Welcome Deadly-x
We have a new member, Deadly-x, please make him feel welcome. Pacifist has also taken some leave for a while and we wish him well in his non-cs endeavours. We have a match Sunday against EG in R5 preseason on Aztec. It'll be at 4:30 on the EG server. Unfortunately HLTV isn't allowed but I will try to get demos posted afterwards for all to see. Our lineup looks like it will be: Flub, Deadly-x, Pain, mt and Me. With some luck and smart play we could just pull it off. On a different note, it doesn't look like I will be able to have time to setup a major lan on the 22-24 sometime. But anyone interested in coming over and having a small lan during this time talk to mt or pain on iRC.
Sorta Practises
Our server, hosted on my dsl line, does have enough bandwidth for a few ppl, plus whoever is on my lan, to play and practise on. If you want some 2 on 2 or 3 v 3 it should work fine. Look for mt or pain? in iRC, they know how to start the server and get the ip (damn dynamic ips). The password for the server is normally doz. It has a whole ton of custom maps (like 200mb worth). These are mostly from the r5 and some other map pack I found. If I ever find enough space I will post them somewhere
DoZ wins over wR*
As you might have heard, we won our match against wR* 26-8 in the Redphive preseason league. They complained about our use of member Flub! who they say is an illegal member. For some unknown reason, despite the fact that mt had confirmed that Flub! playing was allowed, Salacious and the other league admins decided to change the rules to not allow him to play in further matches due to his membership in W.E.W. I won't comment any further on my beliefs for this abrupt about face since I'd like to keep playing in the league. Map for next week is de_cbble. Our roster hasn't been confirmed yet. If you can make it on monday plz tell mt or myself. I don't think there is much other news. I **might** host a lan party on sat feb 23 (its my 2 day reading break) but that will depend on how behind I am at that time. If you are interested in coming confirm with me. If I get enough 100% for sure coming then I will host it and lock myself upstairs during the party if I need to study :)
Prepare to own R5!
We have been accepted into the R5 league. Preseason play starts soon. During the preseason we will try several different lineups going to see who works best together. Anyone who can't make it on monday nites, please let MT know so he so he can ensure we have a full team. I probably won't be playing much due to school. Roster page has been updated with new members: Pacifist, Flub, BalroG and uNo.
This page is highly under construction. I welcome all our new members and recruits. Our server doesn't have enough bandwidth for matches so we have to book R5 servers and this limits our choices. For now mt and others will continue to organize friendly scrims with various other clans. Idle or #redphive or #doz on if you want to play. We're scrimming a couple of times a week right now. ** If anyone wants to fix up this page or is willing to take on any tasks within the clan, please message me.

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