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Right here goes a witty and literate web page title. If I had one. ;-)

Hi. I'm sadly addicted to fanfiction. Slash, with a side of het and gen. After reading all I could find with my first favorites, I started writing. Here's the little spot where I keep it all. Or try to, anyway.

A warning. Some of the stuff here is NC-17. These stories contain explicit adult content, usually between two guys. If you are not old enough to view this, or are just plain not interested in this sort of thing, then there are other places to go.

Here I do have some G rated things, PG, etc. And het! Everything is clearly marked before you actually click on the stories. This is all Star Trek stuff right now, but I do plan on branching out in the future.

Before you go check out the fanfiction, here is an excellent, all inclusive place to find out everything you wanted to know about fanfiction terms, abbreviations, warnings, etc. This is your one stop for it all.

The Fanfiction Glossary

Attention! Update in progress! I have quite a backlog of stories to add. I will be doing that shortly.

Now on to the stories!

Let's read some fanfiction!

Is the concept of Picard/Q totally new to you? I've had people ask me before, so here is one person's look at the slash potential of the captain and the entity:

Minding One's P's and Q's: Homoeroticism in Star Trek: The Next Generation. by Atara Stein

New! I am starting a page of screen captures, etc. on my site. There will be lots of pics of Picard and Q. I may add other subjects in time. Check it out.

In addition, I have started a collection of smaller sized screen captures of the various Star Trek characters from TNG, DS9, etc. These pictures are sized to work as 100x100 pixel avatars, but feel free to take them and use them as you wish. They are spread out over the entire page, kind of like Star Trek wall paper. Enjoy!
Lots of Star Trek character icons!

Do you like the top pic? It's Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the entity known as Q in the Sim world, ok? Yes, I'm weird. But I like it that way. *grins*

By the way, the pic below is real. It's from a TNG ep. So my Sims have live inspiration!

New and improved pic! Boy I love DVDs!

Last updated November, 27 2003

Disclaimer: Star Trek: The Next Generation (DS9 etc.) characters are the property of Paramount Pictures/Viacom. Other characters created by the author(s) will remain the author's property. All photos/images of the show, movies and its characters are copyright of Paramount Pictures. No infringement upon their trademarks or copyrights are intended. All stories and fan art are the author's own property. The stories, fan art and displaying of pictures are intended for entertainment purposes only and not for any financial gain.

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