Hello, you have reached my page of mostly Picard and Q pics. Obsessed a bit, am I? Feel free to take and do whatever you want with these. :-) A very big thanks to Lyra, who made Q Who and Deja Q possible.

Stay where thou art

Now go back, or thou shalt most certainly die

Picard's first time as Dixon Hill

Data is from South America

Q staring at Picard in Q Who

Welcome to shuttlecraft 6


There, there, aren't we careless?

In the shuttlecraft together

The Look

It will in time

The Smirk™*

They both spot Guinan

Guinan and Q really like each other, can't you tell? ;-)

Q's been rejected

A nude Q has been kicked out and turned human

Things would be different

A blast from his past

A brash young man

This is a nice Tapestry pic left out of the episode

Q tickling Picard's ear

Smiling in bed together

Geordi says goodbye to Data in Nemesis*

Alara's Pictures and Sounds from Deja Q

Chibi Trek

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Last Updated July 31, 2003

*slightly altered

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