Aifantande Of the Disabled Ward

Candidate] [Adult] [Background] [Healing Den]

Name- Aifantande, De (Dee)

Age- 16

Gender- Female

Disabilty- De has been born and raised as a normal child, but she does not have the amount of plasma in her blood cells, as she should. Normally a weak child, with this, we cannot take the chances of having her injured. Even a simple cut could be a deadly wound, as she wouldn't be able to heal herself.

Attributes- De is short, and small, but with a body with curves. Her hair is a dark brown, and down to midback. Thick, but dull, she keeps it up in loose braids around her shoulders. Bangs frame her face, which is small and oval shaped. Naturally pale, the fact that she gets ill easily makes her more pale. Which makes her dark blue eyes seem larger and darker, and a small, pink mouth pinker, and chapped. Skin that doesn't burn, but doesn't tan, she doesn't get alot of acne. Has a small birth mark on the corner of her neck, on the left side, where her jaw bone sticks out. From there, is trails down to her chick, and disappears. Her birthmark, is an odd dark brown color, and hasn't disappeared. And doesn't seem to want to disappear.

Personality- Tires easily, she laush alot, and is very optimistic. Especially about her own weakness. Shy, and very insecure in what people think of her, she has a small voice, and seems to hang around the back. But it hides a will as tough as dragon hide, and a cool reserve. Understanding, she grasps things easily. A quick learner, and often a bossy leader. \

Family Life- Once, when she was a babe, (baby, not babe) De had fallen against a rock and had gashed her leg. Just a small cut. But it wouldn't stop. A healer was called in, then two, then three. All helpless. But they managed to stop the bleeding 3 days later. Physically drained, De had been warned not to go outside... at all. And to stay away from sharp objects. This had happened when she was 8.
Her family had treated her with bitter reserve, often blaming her for anything bad, and had all but ignored her. Miserable, she had when she was 13, tried to kill herself but cutting herself on the wrist. Her mother found her bleeding in her bedroom, and quickly called a bunch of Healers.
When she came around, her family sent her to the Disabled Ward in Istabitha's Weyr. Not expecting to hear from her...

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