Hatching Hood -If I feel like it, I will add more-
Rider Hood] -I did add one more. Maybe more if she rises-

"If you are not our of your mind, I am sane!"
De muttered.

A blue had hatched, and had impressed. A brown hatched, and impressed. A strange siamese gray -or was it grays? There was two. But they seem to complete each other. Gray? Or Grays? Bah tunnelbugs- hatched, and had impressed. A blue hatched and impressed. Tandri. -De felt very happy for him.-
But the whole time, she was waiting. Her spirits fell a couple of dragon lengths each time a dragon impressed. They fell again, and again, and again. Until...
The largest egg began to crack. Candidates seem to want to rush over to help, but they hunt back. But the egg revealed no freak. Whatever gender it was, it was huge. Bigger then the silver-gray dragon. De started to cry. She -she knew it was a she- wa so beautiful! She looked over at where Shard was sitting, and saw two blue flits. One was Renesan, her own flit.
The flits flew off his shoulder, and that had been what had caught her attention. She looked at him, and he mouthed.

Go ahead De

But De didn't wanted to. Tandri wasn't here to help her out. She didn't have his patient look, or his sighs to guide her. But she did. She walked carefully among the shards. -Sharding Shard's shards! De found that funny-
De looked up, to see the dragon open her eyes for the first time. They whirled a white-storm, as pale as her skin. The dragons wings unfolded, and began to try. Then, she started to shift color. She was too engrossed in the color changes to hear anyone, until she heard Shard.

"Whats her name De?"
She turned to him, to see Shard smirking at her. Careful, and hiding her face from Shard, she sent him a funny face, before turning to everyone.

I am Mratilanth. Why is everyone so surprised about me? Do they not like me?

De yelped at the suddeness of the voice, and stared at the... well... the chameleon.
"They love you Mratilanth! Ofcourse they love you! But I love you the most!"
And she flun her arms around the chameleons neck.

De? Your choking me.

"I was! I'm so sorry!"
With that, the strange couple walked off.
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