Rider De with Blue flit Renesan, and Chameleon Mratilanth

And the answering chirp, De muttered something that vaugley sounded like a drunk dragon rider swearing. Groaning, she followed the sound, and realised she was in a large weyr. But it wasn't with the Queen weyrs. One level below, but larger then a weyr which could fit a bronze, she aimed around, when she found Mratilanth alseep on the weyr ledge.

You have come De? I like this place. Its away from those snobby gold riders that don't like me. Why don't they like me? I'm the same size as them, and can do everything they can. Is it my color that repulses them?

Sighing, De knelt down beside her chameloen. Three turns had passed, and they were riders. Tilly was right. She was as large as the largest gold, and was capable of the skills of a gold as well. Yet because of her color, the excluded her. Even the nicest of golds found themselves wary around her. Just as De felt... alone with other riders.
And it was true. Tilly changed colors all the time, but most of the time, she was De's dragon color. The color with no name, except the one Shard had given it that day three Turns ago, when she had hatched.

I miss Khaavreth, and Zakath, and the twins. They were so nice to me. Everyone was, because they were all different. Why can't they come and visit?

De felt lonliness in her mind, and for the first time, realised how sad Tilly had been. Hugging the chameleon, she nodded to herself.
"Tilly, I'll speak to Naeodin, and with Baeris. We might be able to move back to the Healing den. They won't be around, but I think that other dragons from the stunt sands might be. And we can help them.


She winced, and nodded.
"What if another chameleon is born?"

The large chameleon nodded.
Thank you De. You are a nice rider.

"Your welcome Tilly"

De looked around, and sighed. Walking back towards the Weyr, she brought with her a pillow and a blanket. Then, she curled up next to De and promptly dozed off.

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