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De lifted her head up and opened one eye. She yawned, and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. Grinning, she stared up at the dark skinned woman and nodded.

"Good morning to you too Baeris."

Grinning, she stared up at the woman and yawned.

"Still asleep?"

"Its that horrible stuff you gave me last night!"

"As if De. Get up."

Grumbling, De hauled herself up, and walked towards the Master Healer.
"Happy now?"

The woman grinned.

"Why did you wake me up?"

"Don't you want to see the eggs?"

De's dark eyes lightened up, as she nodded her head.

Baeris felt sorry for the girl, and nodded. De ran over and quickly put on something warmer, and ran back, with a ribbon in her mouth, and both hands braiding her hair. After tying her hair up, and panting her breath, De said.


Baeris chuckled. After... well, after De had come, she had become... more alive. More like what a young woman should be. Not the shell she had been. But she had still been slightly... lonely looking. And she was giving her best shot in seeing her happy. Afterall, she was a candidate here, wasn't she?
As they neared the sands, the female who was looking over the eggs just glanced at them. She seemed more interested in the eggs themselves.

"Don't touch."
Baeris warned.

De nodded. She just stared, and stared at the eggs.
She gasped out.

And indeed, they were. Nine, solitary eggs, huddled together. De stared at them, etching a memory of them into her mind.

"Their so... so..."

De sat down, and just stared. She sighed peacefully, and enviously at the eggs.

"You... done?"
Baeris asked gently.

De nodded, and got up.

"Can I go to sleep now?"
She asked, cheekily.

But her eyes held a shining hope.

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