Syrinx and Opoysith Syrinx & Opoysith as Weyrlings


“Home, Syrinx. Home. Can you believe it?” Bronzerider Q’wil said, a broad grin on his face.

Syrinx crossed the distance between them with a series of graceful leaps. Q’wil caught her and spun her around, then drew her in for a kiss. It seems like a big romantic dream, but it’s all true. In the turns it had taken for Opoysith and Mnelilth to grow from hatchlings into fine strong adults, Syrinx the dancing Harper and Q’wil the Archivist had grown closer. Much closer. “Yes, I can believe anything with you by my side.” Syrinx whispered, and kissed him again.

Once the transfer paperwork to move them from White River to Ryslen was complete, they’d begun packing. Q’wil had been in constant communication with Ryslen throughout weyrlinghood, and Ryslen Weyr was fully prepared for him and Mnelilth and their beautiful weyrmates to come home.

Opoysith dozed lightly in her spacious couch, and Mnelilth lay on his, looking across the way at her sleeping form.

“How many more of these double-weyrs do you suppose there are in Ryslen?” Q’wil asked, leading his weyrmate to the table in the smallish living area between the two sleeping rooms.

“As many as there need to be.” Syrinx said, smiling happily. Q’wil smiled back as he poured the wine. There had been a minor feast in honor of their return home, but now they were celebrating together.

They had much to be thankful for.

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