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The next morning, Q’wil woke early, hesitant to leave Syrinx’ side.

We are wanted. Mnelilth said as he woke a few moments later.

Wanted by whom? Q’wil sighed, hesitantly extricating himself from the warm furs.

The Weyrleaders, of course. Mnelilth said, stretching his forelimbs. Who else would need you to leave her your first day home?

“Mnelilth, some days you make too much sense.” Q’wil said, stepping into black heavy-weave pants. Mnelilth’s mental presence was smug. “Pest.” Q’wil said, straightening his smoke grey tunic. He stamped into his boots, and headed for the extra-wide ledge where Mnelilth already sat, stopping only to pick up the riding strap. The ledge was wide enough for two dragons of Mnelilth’s size to lounge on comfortably. Mnelilth willingly put on the riding strap before Q’wil climbed on. Q’wil himself had no problem riding his bronze bareback when not fighting thread, but it was handy to have a handhold when climbing onto the great bronze. It also gave other passengers (though there rarely were any, these days) something to hold on to. Mnelilth dove easily from his ledge, and unfurled his wings to glide to an easy landing a few paced from the ledge of Litayth. Tiyanni and J’kosh strode regally down the stone steps.

“Good Morning, Weyrwoman, Weyrleader.” Q’wil began formally.

“And Good Morning to you, bronzerider Q’wil.” J’kosh said, a smile on his time-worn face.

“I suppose you’re wondering why we’ve summoned you so early this morning?” Tiyanni asked.

Q’wil smiled slightly. “I assume it is to receive my Wing Assignment.” He responded.

“Very astute of you, young Q’wil.” J’kosh said, “but not quite right.”

Tiyanni removed a carefully rolled scroll from her belt. A black ribbon and a silvery-blue one tied it.

Black Arrow WingQ’wil wondered upon the formality, yet did not recognize the wing colors. Gingerly he slipped off the ribbons, and unrolled the scroll. “The Black Arrow Wing.” He read, then looked at them. A new wing.

“We wish you to lead it, Q’wil.” Tiyanni said, as the bronzerider skimmed the writing within. He had done this scroll for them turns ago; months before he’d even been searched. He’d hoped to be assigned to this open-minded wing, and how he’d been chosen to lead it.

“I accept.”

“Good.” J’kosh said, his mannerisms arrogantly bronze, as always. “Gather up your wingriders this morning, once they shed the sleep from their eyes.” J’kosh said, handing him a small list of names. “We regret there aren’t more just now, but in time...”

“I understand, Weyrleader.” Q’wil said with a grin. They’d left him to write the names on the scroll... Nice touch.

They remember you fondly. Mnelilth said, stating the obvious.

“Good luck, Wingleader.” Tiyanni said. “We’ll meet with you later - we’ve much to do.” They turned and moved towards the living caverns.

Q’wil looked at the list in his hand. Texia & Remembreth, T’lri & Corlath, Syrinx & Opoysith, H’zar & Udeventh (Weyrlings). A good start.

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