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Jeyann sat on the shore of the big lake that separated Baeris' Healing Den from Greenwing Ridge. It was a beautiful clear night, and the stars twinkled brightly. Somewhere, a starcrafter was eagerly examining every facet of these glimmering nighttime gems, but here, Jeyann was just basking in the lingering glow of Impression.

Lurineth's eggs had hatched a few days before, and Mezireth had found her way into Jeyann's heart.

If you're not busy... came the wee gold's voice into her rider's mind, I'm itchy again..

Jeyann stood up, and brushed the sand from her clothing, and left the lakeside. Those dragons yet swimming were definitely well equipped to take care of themselves.

Mezireth sat on her little stony couch trying to scratch the itch with her foreclaws, and not get her soft golden wings tangled in the process.

Hatchling Mezireth

Jeyann walked in, and retrieved the oil pot. She didn't even need to ask where the dry spots were, she could almost feel corresponding itched on her own skin.

Mezireth crooned in delight, her starry dragon eyes whirling in tones of comfort, love, and tiredness. What will we do tomorrow, Jeyann? the little queen asked sleepily.

"I'm not sure yet, Mezireth. We'll have to wait and see." Jeyann replied as she readied herself for bed.

Can we go swimming again? Mezireth asked eagerly.

"I'm sure we can, you little golden fish." Jeyann said lovingly. "If I didn't know you better, I'd say you were part fish."

I am not! Those other dragons might be. They're finny. Meziroth said. She was so observant. Someday, she would be a fine adult, and command the weyr like other queens. She would be respected, and someday, she would lay clutches of her own...

Boys are shatter-brained. Mezireth said arrogantly.

... But not anytime soon.

Mezireth grew up

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