Mezireth Jeyann's Story begins here

When the other weyrlings began to learn firestone, Jeyann started training to become the Weyrwoman's Second. There was no doubt in anyone's mind that Jeyann and Mezireth would go home to Ryslen when they were ready,; and as the only other queen, (prior to the hatching of Litayth's last clutch) Mezireth was in line to become Senior Queen once Litayth stepped dowwn. Jeyann's mother had Impressed young, and now she and her golden bond were (as they say in beastcraft) feeling their oats. Now, Mezireth was grown; her hide a glimmering gold and her wingsails yet a softer shade. She was very even tempered, and quite pleasant to be around -- usually. Mezireth

Shatterbrains... Mezireth grumbled as she repositioned herself on her ledge.

Jeyann looked up from doing the inventory in one of the small storerooms. Of course, she couldn't see Mezireth from there, but it was old habit. Who? Jeyann asked, setting back to work.

These shell-less males Mezireth replied. Show-offs she snorted disdainfully. Jeyann shook her head. Ever since Mezireth has hatched, she'd sought perfection. I found you, didn't I? Mezireth said, catching her rider off guard.

The young queen had been following her rider's train of thought. If you think I'm perfect, I'm not going to argue. Jeyann said, glowing with love for her dragon. Of course, as wonderful as you are... The compliments flew, oneupmanship an old game between the two.

Jeyann left the stores smiling. "Surely inventory can't be that much fun," a voice said from behind her. Jeyann whirled around, and came face-to-face with Im'mel, the brownriding wingleader.

"Anything can be fun with the right company." Jeyann laughed, and started down the hallway. All the bronze and brownriders were making themselves known to her again, and she'd only been home to Ryslen for a few days. It would be at least a full turn before Mezireth was to Rise for her first Flight.

Im'mel grinned and walked with her, and they chatted amiably. Im'mel was nice, but his old-fashioned manners of how men should act towards women (though pleasant) did tend to get rather annoying after a while.

Zilrik, a rather tempramental blue firelizard sped down the hallway, and executed a quick u-turn as he bypassed Jeyann. He chittered at her, demanding a perch so he could deliver his message. She made to shift her load so she could hold him and retrieve the message, but Im'mel beat her to it, sticking a strong brown arm out. Zilrik perched on him, but only looked at Jeyann. He cheeped and departed as soon as she took the note, leaving her no way to reply other than seeking out the sender, who must be Zilrik's Impressor, Danoellin.

THe note asked her to attend a little welcome home party by the lakeshore an hour after sunset -- of course, there wasn't much of a way to turn down the invite, nor did she want to. Taking her leave from Im'mel, she turned in the Inventory, and went to change before dinner. As Weyrwoman's Second, Jeyann sat at the head table with her parents, J'kosh and Tiyanni -- the current Weyrleader and Weyrwoman of Ryslen.

It was a warm evening, so Jeyann went down to the party in a short top and a wrap skirt. Seven figures sat in a semicircle in a brightly lit section of the beach. Tiki torches ringed the area, burning brightly. "Hi Jeyann!" Seriael called, her voice shrill in the night air. Jeyann waved back and picked up the pace. These eight had gone camping together once... a bonding experience like no other. Jeyann was glad to be home with them, but Kellir looked glum.

"What's wrong, Kellir?" Jeyann asked, sitting down beside him.

"Jey -- you just got back -- we haven't seen you for two turns -- and now I'm leaving," he said. Something had taken the wind out of his sails. Big time.


"He got Searched!" Seriael giggled, "So did Danoellin!"

Jeyann looked to her friends in surprise. "That's wonderful!" she cried, "Where are you going?"

"I'm to Lasair," Danoellin said. Kellir still grumbled.

"And you, Kellir?" Jeyann prompted. He didn't answer.

"He's going to Silvermoon Weyr." Danoellin supplied, tossing popped corn in the air for Zilrik to catch. The blue was already stuffed full of the fluffy white kernels, and let it fall to the ground.

"Silvermoon is a great Weyr, Kellir. They've a good reputation." Jeyann tried to cheer up her long time friend.

"I'm going to Thayor Weyr!" Seriael squeeled, her antics causing Kellir to crack a smile, finally.

WE will take them. Mezireth told someone forcefully, and Jeyann smiled. Her friends would be the only candidates delivered by a queen...

Jeyann sat on the big sofa in the Weyrwoman's office with a pillow in her lap. It was old habit, and besides, they were really squishy pillows. Mezireth lay on her ledge, trying to pretendd she wasn't watching the males flying about their daily business. "I just don't see why you insist on having it there, Jeyann." Tiyanni said, crossing the room yet again before she finally sat down. "Aren't Ryslen's males good enough?"

Jeyann sighed. "Yes, Mother. Ryslen's dragons are find -- In fact, Mezireth is admiring them as we speak."

Shh! You're blowing my cover! Mezireth said quietly.

Jeyann continued, smiling. "but we want her first clutch to be at the Healing Den. She hatched there, after all. It's a respectful thing to do -- Mezireth's Dam, Lurineth, hatched there, and laid her first clutch on those sands.."

Tiyanni shook her head. "You're not Lurineth's rider."

Jeyann frowned. "No, but I'm not you either," she said. "I'm the Junior Weyrwoman, and someday Mezireth will be the Senior Queen. But today she's not. She's a golden dragon, not too far from her first flight. She's decided -- while she's still rational, mind you -- that she wants to clutch at Baeris'." Tiyanni didn't respond. "It's not like this flight is for Weyrleadership."

That got to Tiyanni. "No, it's not. But by Mezireth's second flight, it could be." The silvering Weyrwoman replied coldly.

"A perfect readson to let Mezireth fly at the Healing Den. The only outcome of this flight is Mezireth's first clutch." Jeyann said. Before Tiyanni could respond to that, Jeyann continued. "I refuse be one of those this-is-my-queen's-first-flight-and-I'm-so-terrified girls. I'm stronger than that. Having Mezireth's first flight on neutral ground makes everyone happy. Ryslen's males can sign up at Baeris' just like they do here -- it's not a problem."

Tiyanni sighed. Jeyann just could not be swayed once she had her mind made up. "Go tell Baeris then, so everything can be ready." she said resignedly. "Good Luck, Jeyann."

Jeyann got up and hugged her mother. "I knew you'd understand."

Mezireth was ready to go. Her flight was still a bit off, but she was always eager to visit Baeris'. The queen slipped through the air like a knife through hot butter, making it look effortless. She was the fastest thing in the sky, more agile than a dragon half her size, or so it seemed. It would take one talented dragon to catch this beauty!

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