You must have a pre-made page for your candidate. That means that you must have a page for him that was made in advance. I will delete your application if you do not put up the story in 5 days.

You may have other dragons on your page that belong to another candidates! Such as your candidate’s twin, brother, friend…whatever) but I will not accept pages that have dragons that do not belong to candidates or are just there, to be there. However, you may have a flit or firelizard since they are not considered dragons.

You must have evidence of a visible candidate. A candidate for those of you, who are new to this, is a person who wants to be impressed or impress a dragon or griffin or whatever needs a candidate. To help you make your candidates and possibly get a better idea of what they are please go to Fantasy Character generator.-

I will accept all types of candidates (male, female, both, shapeshifter, half demon, demon, witch, vampire, warlock, ghost, half dead, immortal, elf, dwarf, anything you can think of) but you must have a creative name for your candidate. Such as Anima, or Rental, since most traditional pernese weyrs shorten a male’s name when he impresses please include this in your application.

Please make sure your candidate has decent spelling on the page! I will understand if there are few errors, but if there are many (like every few words) your candidate will not be accepted to Azon. It is a good idea to type up your candidates in a word processing document such as Microsoft word, word Processing or any other processor that you can save files under. This helps insure that you will not loose the work you have worked on for a while, that you can use spell check, and so you do not end up on the Internet for hours. (Like when page builder gets temperamental and you cannot save your file…)

You must read the rules! See your already listening to ‘ol Sargon so just keep reading and I think you can do this!

No neopets!!!! Absolutely no or ‘pet pages’ the way I define a pet page is: a page with cyber pets like neopets, ferlions, Cypris, Lyris, click and takes or any other sites like that out there. You may have your candidate have a pet like a firelizard, flitter, ligon, horse, dog, cat, illori cat, or a tiger or you can use one of the pets from those cyber pet adoption agencies. (Like you could give your candidate a ferlion or something and have an explanation of how it got to your candidate’s planet) but you may not have neopets or any thing related to neopets, no offense to any of the creators or anything but it takes away from the page by putting a purple spotted cow on your page and saying it came from pern…yeah right real likely to happen.

Your candidate should have a pet. I think this adds to the candidate’s personality by having to put up with an annoying pet, or maybe doing everything, they can to take care of a pet because they are running out of money (see good story lines can come from this!) If your candidate dose not have a pet do not expect to get a dark or Raylomic dragon that is just how it works because unless you give me a reason why your candidate does not have a pet then I figure you did not read the rules. If you don’t know where to get a pet from look around this site, maybe at the beaches for fire lizards or at the fields for ligons. You may also visit the between page for exceptionally good Weyrs where you can impress other creatures. (I think there is one for peacock adoption…)

You must have a link back to Azon Weyr! This is very important. To get banners or candidate buttons please go here. If you want to do a good old fashion ‘click here’s please do not.  Put ‘Azon Weyr is found here’ see how much information that adds? Link back to or .
10.) Your page must be PG rated; no porn, no really colorful words,  (you can put bitch bastard just not one of the baddies) no nasty stories. I will allow you to have romances between the characters in your story just do not get out of hand. It adds sometimes to have your candidate have a boyfriend or girlfriend or something.

Your candidate can have a cross gender impression, this is perfectly fine with me but if some of you ‘weyr tradionalists’ want to have a normal male impress male or female impress female please put this on your application form.

12.) In the comments section of your box please tell me what your mother’s maiden name is. If you do not know that is ok just put I do not know.

You may request a color for your dragon. This dose not mean you are going to get it, not every page is gold worthy and not every page is bronze worthy. You may request lower ranking colors like blues and greens and you may be able to get them but if your requesting a gold worthy candidate to ride a green…your wacko….

You may ask for a special non-pernese color like an Alyskyrian color such as purple, red, sliver, or cream. Again this doesn’t mean you will get the color it just means that you would like the color. Get and Like are two very different words.

All of my adult dragons have earrings! This is a way to show their passing into adulthood. For frenzy or un-normal clutches (ones with dragon parents I particularly like) will only have adult pictures because it is easier to do this than to draw the same dragon in three stages (I had enough trouble making ‘normal’ ones) If you people like the hand drawn more than the normal ones please tell me and I will change this. The earring rule stands, but all those from the first clutch (golden Killorith and Starry Antuk) have sliver earrings because those are special hand-drawn dragons. The frenzy dragons will also have sliver earrings because those will be hand drawn too. (they are all hand drawn but these were not the normal graphics) The normal ones will have colors that identify there ranks. (see dragon info for rank and type information)
If you want to include a searchrider or a Weyr ranker please go to: the wings/residents part of this site. I like cliff hanger at the end of stories but I also like stories where the candidate talks to one of my charater. (I usually point at the screen and say hey that’s me!)
onto the form?
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