Kurt and Starry-Blue Phantom-

Kurt and Phantom are the dark searchriders of Azon. Phantom has this weird ability to see character in people and Kurt has this way of bringing out the best in everyone her meets. Though they both are totally different from the rest of the searches, they are considered the best. Kurt is a half demon making him have blue-black hair and a long blue-black tail. He keeps it in a nice short crew cut though and is slightly handsome, just cute enough to not be called ugly. Phantom on the other hand is a magnificent pure Dark; he has the slender build that seems to fall on all the darks but is a beautiful metallic blue. He is quite the head turner and is usually used to recruit people, and his beauty helps a lot.

Miza and Ice-Blue Hawk-

Miza and Hawk is the main search rider of Azon. Though Miza’s clouded blue is from Baeris’ she is devoted to the Weyr that her brother runs. Miza is hot tempered and can easily snap at someone, and Hawk has a dry sense of humor. Miza is tall about 6’0 and Hawk is medium sized. Both are quite nice looking, and they are fairly good. They were the ones used to recruit the first of the Elves that bonded a long time ago, when the Weyr was not open to the public. 

Jaquin and tiger striped Jangelith

These two might be the strangest of Azon’s searchriders. Jaquin is a happy fellow, overly happy and nearly makes people throw up from his constant happiness. Jangelith is always hyperactive and always happy too. Jaquin was once a gypsy so he is into decoration and anything shinny. Jangeltih’s hide though tiger-stripped is decorated in Jaquin’s golden earrings and bracelets. These two are the ones Sargon highly counts on, because they are so good with people.
so far I only have a few searchrider to help out young candidates but more will be coming soon and you can always write about Sargon searching them. ^^
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