Firebites: One of the two lower ranking dragons at Azon Weyr. These dragons are feisty and love anywhere hot. These would be the dragons given to candidates who like hot places, or to candidates that have something that deals with fire in their story. These are dragons as I said already with very hot tempers; they have very big claws, like all the dragons at Azon. These dragons are usually considered racers or small, though when interbred with other dragons they can be rather large. They will always have two large red horns mounted on their head. This is how you distinguish them easily, though sometimes the horns are shaded with black or white.  They are usually given red or orange earrings, but when given gold earrings, that means they are queens or bronzes. Firebites are they favorites of Lady Kat the Weyrwoman of Azon, she loves their tempers, but she also loves their extreme loyalty to their riders. There names come from their fiery tempers.
The ranks:
Red - lowest rank
Orange – Higher than red
Green – (Extremely Rare for Firebites) higher than orange
Purple – Higher than Green (rare)
Gold – Highest rank (rare)
This is an example of a red Firebite

Greenhorns: Greenhorns are the distant cousins of firebites and are the reverse opposite. The have good tempers and can put up with anything. (Unless you really piss them off) The love cold places are considered the ice dragons of Azon. With claws usually a little larger than the firebites, (oh…about 7 inches long) you really do not want to piss one of these guys off.   These dragons could be considered racers or smalls, but usually are a slight bit larger. An easy way to tell a Greenhorn from a common blue is that greenhorns have one big black horn coming from the top of snout and usually two curled black horns between his ears, the horns of course, are tipped with green, hence the name greenhorn. They are given usually blue or green earrings but high rankers are given white or gold.

The ranks:
Blue – lowest rank
Green – higher than blue
Blue-green- higher than green
Gold – higher than blue-green
White – highest rank (rare)
this is an example of a green Greenhorn ^_^

Raylomic: these are the first rarer type of dragons at Azon. These dragons are usually metallic or specially colored. (Like starred or striped) Rayllomics are originally from Rayllom. Which is where they got their name. (If you want to know more about Rayllom you may ask Sargon because Azon is located on Rayllom and He has not finished the page explaining it yet). These dragons have fairly good tempers but are easily ticked off. These guys have much bigger claws then greenhorns so don’t be mean to ‘em! These guys like all temperatures and are found of light places, like full of sunshine. An easy way to tell a raylomic from another dragon is found on their head: a set of what I call frills. A frill is a bunch of spikes with about 5” inches in-between going from the forehead of a dragon down to the back of the dragon. The rank of a raylomic dragon is found by how far the frills go back. It is common for them to stop right above the shoulders, but uncommon for them to go past the hips. If that would occur, you would be riding a very, very high-ranking Raylomic. These dragons are large in size and usually good flyers. In fact, all of Azon’s dragons are usually great at flying and this probably has something to do with the black sands…… The earrings are usually brass or copper.

The ranks:
Brass –lowest ranks (common)
Metallic Blue – higher than brass (rare)
Copper – higher than brass (not common)
Raylomic/dark variation – higher than copper (not common)
White – higher than variations (uncommon)
Bronze – higher than white (rare)
Sliver – lower only than gold (rarer)
Gold – highest rank of all dragons at Azon (extremely rare) 
picture coming soon...

Darks: Darks are the best kind of dragon at Azon. Dark in coloration and usually good-natured theses dragons, are tight! Though they are usually perceived as brutes, these dragons have a kind and more gentle nature, and amazingly calm tempers. You can annoy them to death and they will not budge unless their rider tells them they may. (Twee he he he…)  these dragons have claws that should be considered razors! Up to one foot on the big ones! These dragons originated in Rayllom like their cousins the Rayllomics. They are called darks because of their usually dark coloration, and that is what the first Rayllom’s called them. Two very dark patches under their eyes called eye sacks distinguish darks. They help shade the dragon’s eye from the burning sun, (as was common on Rayllom) and give the dragon a fierce look. These dragons also have the raylomic frills but they are more just for decoration than ranking. These dragons are larger in size than Raylomics and have a great ability to fly. The earrings are usually black or gray.

Dark Blue – higher than gold Firebite or greenhorn
Any variation of a color and Black- higher than dark blue
Black- higher than black variations
Black Bronze or Gold- highest-ranking Dark dragon

This is an example of a black dark.

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