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Full Name: Riiz
Name History: Personal Name: Riiz (Rehz)
Gender: Female
Species: Nexus Dragon Mutt
Homeworld: Atu
Origin: Black, White and Red Giveaway's: Generation 18B
Residence: The Red Dusk
Length: 7.6 Meters (25 Feet)
Religion: Linile
Languages: Galactic Basic, Common, Sedashizozet
Class: Red Dusk Pilot
Natural Abilities: Clay Manipulation, Telepathy, Water Breathing, Mire Breath, Golem Majyck, Dispel Majyck, Summon Otters
Learned Abilities: Limited Arcane Magic: Enchantment, Conjuration, Abjuration
Description: Despite her natural awkwardness on land, Riiz is a daunting dragoness. Using her wings as legs, she maintains a confident strut, centered by her deeply muscled chest and shoulders, and supported by her long, powerful tail. She doesn't mind flaunting her double set of teeth when she is feeling aggressive, and most creatures familiar with draconic anatomy can tell by her wide head just how crushing her bite can be. Her icy blue, pupilless eyes have a way with seeming to be able to see in almost any direction at once, and her crown of horns serves only to make her look larger and more imposing than she actually is.

While flying, or swimming, Riiz is a different creature entirely; she is daunting on the ground but terrifying when she is in her element. Her size and aggressive nature take back seats to her speed and maneuverability. She can fly at speeds that only her entirely streamlined body allows, and her long, fin-tipped tail can turn her on a dime.
Personality: Riiz is a naturally sure minded creature; she has a deep and unfaltering belief in herself, and there are few situations in which she is not willing to speak her mind about things. Many people tend to find her a little abrasive, especially those that can't handle negative feed back about themselves. Despite this, Riiz gets along well with everyone on the The Red Dusk and she has a way with the ship's costumers. She is honest and forthcoming, and those that deal in business with her find that she is always fair, even if she can be a little pushy at times. This dragoness has quite a temper, however, and she can be very edgy when she has been kept out of the fresh air for too long. She isn't afraid to use her might and bulk to get her way, and those who threaten her or her crew will find that she is also quite comfortable with violence.

It is surprising to some, in light of her somewhat aggressive and imposing manner, that Riiz has an extremely developed instinct for mothering. She cares for all the younger members of The Red Dusk as if they were her own offspring, and her violent side is most pronounced when she believes them to be threatened. She has quite a soft spot for younglings in trouble, and because of her desire to protect, she often ends up bringing displaced children into the circle of family that has grown on The Red Dusk.

Riiz's relationship with Tey, despite their bond, is somewhat stressed. Riiz is openly suspicious of the Elemental, and she has, more than once, voiced her fear that her bond will, at some point, abandon all of them. Because of this, Riiz has tried to make sure, even though she is much younger than Tey, that she is a solid and dependable figure for The Red Dusk. Riiz wants everyone to know that she is as good as Tey. The dragoness' efforts have brought her very close to the ship's crew, and further from her bond. In Riiz's mind, Tey is a failed mother because of her flighty nature, and this thought is slowly tearing them apart.
History: Riiz was born in the 18B clutch at the Bower and bonded with the Metal Elemental Tey. She stayed at the Bower for several years after her birth, and was even around to witness the birth of her sister's clutch. It was shortly after this, when Riiz's bond had decided to adopt Aleih Co-aana-ven and her two new bonds, that Riiz finally left the Bower on Tey's ship, The Red Dusk.

Life as a spacer has proven somewhat hard for Riiz, as The Red Dusk lacks the space and water that she is built for life in, but the culture of her life style has certainly grown on her. Riiz is a skilled pilot, due to her innate and natural understanding of 3 dimensional movement. Though she has refrained from taking a true leadership position among the crew, she has nonetheless made herself something of an authority figure.

After the arrival of the mysterious Kaeknaok, an Earth Dragon that Tey picked up on one of her wanderings, Riiz and the male became romantically involved. Despite their differences, the two have become partners for the long haul.
Original Stats: Name: Riiz
Gender: Female
Breed: Hathian/Alskyrian/Gem Dragon/Xeno HathHydra Hybrid
Colour: Gold-Dusted Clay
Colours-Based Abilities:Can manipulate clay into any form
Size: Medium-Small (25' long)
Abilities: Telepathy, Water Breathing, Mire Breath, Golem Majyck, Dispel Majyck, Summon Otters
Basic Personality: Outspoken, High Self-Esteem
Bond: Tey

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Hermaphrodite Siblings:


Bond: Tey
Juinna'si: Kaeknaok
Affiliation: The Red Dusk

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Mate Males Females

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