BULL014:PROJECT HOPELESS Välkommen... Till Vår Sopfyllda Fabrik new lp on tape.

UK peace-punk-influenced hardcore from Malmo, Sweden, firing a litany of political attacks against patriarchy, poverty and consumerism. From these vocal diatribes and tribal patterns, the songs burst into noisy, blasting, full-throttle crust thrash more common to Sweden with high-speed, standard issue screeched/shouted vocal trade-offs. The circle-logo cover displays heavily stippled skulls, gasmasks, factories, and the wasteland, but the thoughtful lyric explanations mark this as sincerity as opposed to out-and-out mimicry. Solid. review fromm Maximum Rocknroll

"From start to finish this LP left me standing stunned and with my jaw hanging open in pure hardcore bliss! This is the second LP from this Mälmo, Sweden based band and is the culimnation of what all those earlier releases were building too. What we have here is ten extremely pissed off and raging hardcore songs, with both classic d-beat and crust
influences, and multiple screaming vocalists. Some of the tribal parts and the heavily accented English parts give this a real classic 80's anarchopunk /crust feel of such bands as GENERIC, SEDITION, A.O.A., OI POLLOI etc. The recording is absoluitely perfect for the music - with a totally raw and analog sound that lets you hear every part without sending fake or overproduced (like early OI POLLOI or the NAUSEA LP). Lyrically this is poltiical as fuck, with lengthy, anger-filled songs written in both Swedish and English. All of the packaging is classic pen and ink work by Steve from VISIONS OF WAR, giving it the appropriately crusty packaging. This record rips hardcore and you would be a total fool to pass it up! Enjoy with a bottle or three of fine wine". review from Profane Existence magazine.

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Other Releases

June 2004

SILBATO s/t tape – screamo hc from Italy. 17 tracks including 5 unreleased tracks exclusive on this tape.

"....Silbato plays to you driving hardcore with harsh edge; much of it reminded me of CATHRASIS, Their sound blasts forward with influences of metal, screamo, melodic hardcore and chaotic hardcore, lots and lots of style are present here, as Silbato creates a lovely hybrid of powerful noise..." Lisa Oglesby - HeartAttack #36.

"Emotional hardcore in the vein of ENVY, with elements of old school hc insted of ENVY's Japanese influences. Vocal screams that occasionally turns into waits, and plenty of build ups that make your botty shake. They are at their best when the energy level is peaked, and the result is pure intensity..." Slug & Lettuce #81.

July 2004

EARTH TODAY 2001/2002 tape.
Basting fast crust core from Finland in vein of DISRUPT compiling their split 7” ep with Positive Bastards, Urine Specimen, 2003 studio demo cd, covers from Sepultura,Amen and Kaaos plus bunch of compilation lp/cd and unreleased tracks. RM6PPD

“A great release from these hardcore dudes from Finland. The music sort of has a Ripcord or Heresy feel to it. The difference is that the vocals are way off from that. We have two vocalists. One is the chicken screaming like hell, and the other is the bear who is rough and gruff getting his point out. Very cool tuff”. Nate Wilson - Heartattack #44.

“...Awesome mix of furious thrashing punk and black metal screams set to Japanese hardcore drum beats. Pro cassette with lyrics in English and Finnish”. Slug & Lettuce #82.

November 2004

BARACKCA south east asia tour tapepolitical punk rock from Hungary. Viva la punkrock!

January 2005 (Out of print, repress soon!)

SHIKARI 1999-2004 discography tape fast emo violence hc from Groningen,Netherlands.

A complete releases including their ROBOT WARS 10”, SHIKARI/SEEIN’RED 10”, SHIKARI I7” / CDEP, SHIKARI/SEEIN’RED 3” CD, MAXIMAAL NTHAAL COMPILATION CD and the new 2004 split 7" with PHEONIX BODIES and ACOA DIRETA)

"Among the most intense live bands going, Holland's SHIKARI capture the intensity well; everything is here except Mark rolling around in beer and filth in my living room (not that there is any beer or filth in the living room, I am very neat and tidy). Great American Steak Religion fans take note...heavy mid 90s influence (ONE EYED GOD PROPHECY? I think so.) with loads of double bass and melodic walls of guitar over shrieked vocals. Chaotic metallic tortured violence seeps with very deep and often dark personal lyrics through these 23 tracks. This could easily be one release, but the songs are culled from 5 records and assorted compilations.No complaints". Slug & Lettuce Issue#83

April 2005

Slow and intense crustcore from Finland.Official tapeversion from their debut mcd plus another 6 unreleased live tracks.And some of the tracks are from their upcoming split lp with Burn Again.

"....Heavy hardcore is what this is. Imagine From Ashes Rise, His Hero Is Gone and Wolfbrigade, add a touch of heaviness from the death metallers Bolt Thrower, and you have a pretty good idea of the sound here. Slow, very heavy, depressed and dark hardcore....." Review from www.mylastchapter.tk

May 2005 (Out of print, repress soon!)

REMEMORIES"counting water" tape.
Fast emogrind hc from Singapore.8 new tracks.Featuring members from Lead II Nitrate,Hudud.

MAKILADORAS 2001-2004 Discography CD
is a complete collection of all their releases including their debut self title 10”(released by Ups, Dp or Not Dp, Malinke Records, Squawk Records etc), Maximaal Onthall Compilation cd and their latest split 7” with the Dutch crusties, Radio Bikini plus one cover song from State of Fear. They have been compared to a faster Tragedy and even hints of From Ashes Rise. Experience this heavy fast hc crust from Groningen, Holland.

Yours for only:

ASIA : USD6 PPD via airmail
OVERSEAS : USD8 PPD via airmail


RAEIN – discography tape 2000-2004.
Featuring from their latest doden marscherar at vast 7",split 7" with Funeral Diner,split 10" with Daitro, etc.. with some extra tracks.Official release. OVER 80 MINUTES OF GREAT MUSIC!

Yours for only:

ASIA : USD4 PPD via airmail
OVERSEAS : USD5 PPD via airmail

PHOENIX BODIES "the first 2 years" tape

a collection of their split 7" with THE DREAM IS DEAD,RAEIN,SHIKARI,and TYRANNY OF SHAW,split 12"/cd with ENKEPHALIN, and THE MICROWAVE SAID TO THE PACEMAKER 7"comp. PHEONIX BODIES delivers a heavy, distorted metallic screamo hc in veins of USURP SYNAPSE and with hints of grinds such as THE LOCUST and DISCORDANCE AXIS.

Download: half billion ants: a force

Yours for only:
ASIA : USD4 PPD via airmail
OVERSEAS : USD5 PPD via airmail

ON THE ROAD - M’sia/S’pore Tour 2006 SPLIT CD feat CYNIC 19 (rocking thrashcore from japan),THE ACT WE ACT (also from Japan,Toyota City jazzy post hc) and AT LEAST I SPEAK (screamo in veins of Orchid from rembau,Malaysia). !!!
A collaborative effort by Papakerma Records, Third Arm Records, Mable Distro, Bullwhip Records, Imaginasi Records, Cactus Records, Bacteria Records, Anak Bebal Records and Brainwash Records.

Yours for only:
LOCAL: RM11 ppd
ASIA: 6USD ppd

Malaysian thrashers known as Osmantikos' premiere vinyl release. "Keep Fighting Oppressive Conditions" is six songs that mix speed, politics and passion. Many compare to Tragedy, Look Back And Laugh, Severed Head Of State and Schifosi. We just love it! The first pressing is 1,000 with 250 on hand numbered red vinyl. Comes with lyrics, a sticker and patch. Order now for only $4.oo postage paid in North America.For order,trades,info etc contact at:

Bacon Towne Records
P.O.Box 1063
Tallevast , FL 34270

Feel free to listen to our songs

PROJECT HOPELESS "Hit men inte längre utan skyddshjälm" Discography CD 2001-2004.

PROJECT HOPELESS is a fast raw political crusty hardcore from Sweden.They have been compared to Skitsystem and Mob 47 but more darker.
This discography cd will contain all the released material by them from 2001-2004 the Kalla jävla samhälle LP, song from the Antifa comp, split 7" w Offensive, the Utsatt 7"and the s/t 7", this will be 40 songs of raw hopeless hardcore.Brilliant releases!!!!

It's yours for RM11ppd(Malaysia),6USD ppd(Asia) and 8USD ppd(World).Contact us for a possible trades and cheap wholesale.

Download: Helvetes Marchen.wma

“This is rad Swedish heavy punk and I like everything about this band, especially the dual male/female (or so it sounds) harsh vocals…” - Slug and lettuce

”Fucking raw political crusty hardcore from Sweden. Musically, this reminds me of a lo-fi early SKITSYSTEM mixed with NO PARADE, but darker. Most of the lyrics are in Swedish, with explanatory paragraphs in English, covering such topics as homelessness, class and race issues, and government all from a very misanthropic point of wiev. Very punk. Good solid album, but I do think the vocals carry it a bit. With a lesser vocalist, I would probably get bored” - Profane Existence

”There are many bands playing rawpunk around the world, but there are few that are as RAW as Project Hopeless are. High speed, intensely screamed piercing vocals, backed up by some growling here and there, crisp guitars and manic drumming….” - Attack! Fanzine

”Of all the millions of Swedish hardcore bands roaming around that country I think this band represents that country’s punk roots best. Their trick is not to overproduce and turn raw d-beat punk into polished d-beat heavy metal. This bands guitar tones would do CONFUSE proud….” - Short fast and loud


Osmantikos was formed in Serdang, Malaysia and started on may 2006 as a 3 pieces crustcore band. (Don't ever asking why we choose this very name for our band). We have release 5 tracks "BURN ALL THE ORDER!"EP on pro-printed cdr (free with diy silkscreen patches). Its yours for RM5 by hand, RM6 postpaid and 4usd elsewhere. Diy to the deepest bones :)

Download : Am I Dead Yet.mp3

Review on Attack!Fanzine Online (Swedish diy hc/punk online fanzine)
OSMANTIKOS Burn All the Order!EP CD

This is a fairly new recording, July 2006, from a new band hailing from Malaysia - a criminally overlooked region of hardcore punk in my opinion. There's a lot of quality coming from there and Osmantikos are no different, even though they honestly might not be the absolute best of them all. Osmantikos mix in some crusty tunes with their otherwise pretty käng-ish hardcore and the result is a good one. It makes it step away from being too standard, while they don't add enough crust to be just another one of those bands either. Speed and weight go hand in hand throughout these five tracks and I appreciate this more and more for each listen. The sound quality might be a bit low, but other than that there's nothing wrong with this release.
Lyrically they go with the usual punk stuff - the do's and don'ts of society, oppression, breaking the chains etc. Topics feeling so much more honest and real than hearing them from e.g. some Swedish band.
Just a few small improvements here and there and perhaps a little better recording and some more individuality (further explore those guitar leads please) and this would take a huge leap forward, still being far from bad the way it is now. [Krogh, September 2006]
feel free to go to www.attackfanzine.net for more info.

BULL012:ARCHAGATUS/KERENA NEKO split CD - Archagatus continue blasting after their last split with unholy grave

This time more heavier grindcore with 6 person inside. They are from the Canada. While Kerenaneko is Malaysia grindcore trio comparable to band like phobia, denak, rot, and old school grindcore sound. Their recording quality superb. And this band getting stronger than before. The front cover done by yusth attack, and also a drummer of kerenaneko. 8 pages booklet cover with full color cover.


Upcoming Releases:
COLLISION "romantic display of love" tape.Collision could be defined as a band that mixes grind/death/thrash/old-school hardcore, in fact they consider themsleves as a grind/thrashcore band.Originally released on cd format by Bizarre Leprous Productions. Re-released on tape with some extra and unreleased tracks. 
  SOUL EMIGRE - collection tape
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