NEW DISTRO LIST (6 June 2008)

PROFANE EXISTENCE #56 magazine + CD compilation.RM20
April-June 2008 issue is another stuffed-to-the-gills, 80-page monster issue with tons of great reading. Feature-length interviews include MURDER DISCO EXPERIENCE, PROTESTANT, HEVN, BLACKOUT and ATOMGEVITTER plus updates from WOLFBRIGADE, MEANWHILE, AVSKUM and Slug & Lettuce editor Chris Boarts-Larson. There is also an interview and gallery from this month's cover artist AMY TOXIC, who combines classic styles with punk rock politics. Other features include the beginning of a PE's new political prisoners' section "Dehumanized Nation," Naked Maygun's vegan recipe section covering four-pages of mouth-watering Italian classics, and feature length article debunking the fat myth. There is also a photo spread from the recent Steve Ignorant's "Feeding of the 5000" event by Mateus Mondini plus a personal account by PE columnist Rob Hanna. This issue also features the first ever publication of a fictional in our pages with a short story by Leigh Pierce called Open Polls, Closed Minds, appropriately themed on future presidential election politics. Of course there is also a healthy dose from our regular columnists, reviews, letters and even a new "Back Page Punk" gaff (based on the legendary "Page 3 Punks" of old). Included with the magazine is the customary compilation CD, this time totalyl packed to within seconds of our 80-minute limit.

The complete track list is as follows:
1. AFTER THE BOMBS Warmonger
2. ATOMGEVITTER Banned in G.C.
4. BLACKOUT Secrets
5. BOMBED OUT Human Disease
6. BROKEN At the Border
7. THE COOTERS Society Sets the Stereotype
8. DISGUSTING LIES Sumienie Tego Swiata
9. DIS(10)PUTES La Brigade du Poulet
10. HEVN All the Same
11. HIP COPS Responsibility
13. IMPERIAL LEATHER The Power of Blame
14. IN DEFENSE Making Mock Duck a Threat Again!
15. KILL THE EGO I Scooter Libby
17. MIDDLE CLASS TRASH Stand for Something
18. MURDER DISCO EXPERIENCE Torture Incorporated
19. PARASYTIC Animal Sacrifice
20. PERSONKRETS 3.1 Krigssång
21. POPULATION REDUCTION Black Metal Beach Party
22. PROTESTANT Obituary
23. RAGING FUGITIVES We Don’t Need You
24. SKARPRETTER Ammunition
28. SUSPECTED TERRORISTS Suspected Terrorists
29. VICTIMS We’re Fucked
30. VICTIMS OF CORRUPTION Headless Human Herd
31. XBRAINIAX Yamazaki

w/Insect Warfare (TX)/Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation(Japan) split 7" What more is needed? 88 pages of thrash-zine insanity with interviews with Violent Headache & Sayyadina, plus all the other SF&L regular columns/features/photos/reviews.. including a 7? battle between Texas grindcore kings INSECT WARFARE and Japan?s estrogen fueled blast-core unit F.I.D. These may not last long!

SKITKIDS - "Besöket Vid Krubban" CD RM20
Raw and brutal hardcore punk with loads of great rock guitar leads a hell of a drumming a thundering bass and a insanely and angry vocalist on top of all. Lyric wise you get a totally pissed writing in a sociopolitical way, against multicoporations, fucked rock stars behaviors within the punk scene and a big pis on the Swedish state. Most intense and powerful recording.

Kontrovers "s/t" CD RM20
Fuck yeah… this is excellent, vicious Swedish hardcore. It's got the heaviness of Skitsystem with a slightly rawer edge, and mixed in with the brutally heavy crust/hardcore approach is some His Hero is Gone sounding dissonance at times. There are tons of tempo changes too, from blistering speed to pounding slow breaks, so overall there's a ton of diversity crammed into compact little tracks that rarely stretch past the two-minute mark. The vocals are just raging shouts, some a bit higher, some a bit lower. The instrumental track, "…", which uses some dark metal riffing with nicely integrated samples, is definitely a huge standout here: The perfect halfway point for the CD as a whole. Some tracks like "Flower Violence" and "Skateboard Rebels" are much more straightforward than others, but equally as intense. I love the production. The guitar tone is a little bit rugged, but the mix is so perfect that everything works together, as well it should. The drums sound fucking awesome, the distorted bass tone totally rips, and the vocals match the textures of the guitars very well. All in all a very effective sound for what they've got going on here. The disc comes in a beautiful gatefold sleeve using black and gold inks on thick matte paper. Inside is a thick black and white booklet, also on matte paper, with all of the lyrics (some in Swedish, some in English) as well as brief song explanations. The lyrics attack racism, sexism, greed, as well as talking about society just being fucked up in general… with less serious tracks like "Skateboard Rebels" to mix it up a bit. This is an awesome fucking CD, I'm shocked that I haven't heard about this band before. I recognize the name, but that's about it. I wish I had heard this sooner. Highly recommended for fans of the glorious Swedish hardcore scene.

New full Warkorpse 7" ep limited to 500 (100 copies "special tour edition" cover), 4 tracks of grindcore with a death metal touch! coproduction between Addiction To War Records, Wee Wee records, Undislessed records, Symphony Of Destruction. & Le Déclin.

SUFFERING MIND "Destroy Mankind" 7"ep RM10
1st 7" ep. 5 tracks of excellent Polish oldschool grindcore with a punk influence with members of PEOPLE HATE & ANTICHRIST & THIS MEANS WAR.

"This 24-track, 22-minute blasterpiece showcases two of the most ferocious newcomers to the grind/powerviolence scenes in many years. MAGRUDERGRIND bring the scathing, thrash/crossover influenced grinding mayhem while SHITSTORM terrorize with gruffer, speed/death metal-tinged destruction? together creating one of the most abrasive split albums ever conceived. With no direct mimicry, these two young trios manage to walk in the same shoes worn by grind greats like DISCORDANCE AXIS and PIG DESTROYER, both delivering absolutely pummeling performances with only the use of guitar, drum and voice.
That's right, no bass players are needed for songs this short, fast and absolutely relentless... and no heavyness is compromised with each band's best recordings to date and a fantastic mastering job by West West Side. Top it all off with unbelievably sick artwork from BARONESS' John Baizley, and you've got a split undeniably destined for full-blown "classic" status."

SHACKLED DOWN is new band with PIGNATION members in its line-up. This debut full length executes 14 tight and short anthems typical for US thrash/hardcore/crossover tradition of '80's, comprarable to STRAIGHT AHEAD, SICK OF IT ALL, CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER, SEPTIC DEATH, D.R.I. Melodies, breakdowns, choruses and splendid artwork are definitely good sides of "The Crew". Songs like "Get Out Off My Face", "Show Me Your Tolerance" or "Six 6 Six For Life" say it all. Prepare yourself for huge dose of high energy thrash that will shackle you down!!!

PROTESTANT - as dead as we look CD RM15
this compiles the barely available 'make peace with the peace you hang from' LP (2006), the split w/Rhino Charge and the 2005 demo. 12 songs that are as varied as they are brutal. more fast and heavy hardcore ala FromAshesRise/HHIG, but with a few nods to grind/doom/etc.

GUIDA - s/t CD RM15
all-stars band from Italy ex-here-and-there. mixing the fury of itlian old school hc, the strenght of crust and the rage of japcore!!!
PUTRESCENCE - fatal white putules upon septic organs CD RM20 this 16 track full length is gruesome deathgrind mixed an enraged thrash brain hammering third gory chapter in putrescence reign of horror, fear and toxic plasma. these new studio tracks with some live and previously unreleased material is a true blackedout drunk poseur-stomping party from the depths of hell. come for the defecation, stay for the vomit..."

IRON LUNG - "cold storage" CD RM20
"Killer! IRON LUNG's hyperthrash slays us, so we're stoked to offer this slick CD collection of out of print vinyl EP and comp tracks from the LUNG. These guys are one of the heaviest guitar/drums duos out there, with a dark,heavy and technical approach to west coast power violence...they lock into some ultra fierce blasting grooves and cyclone violence with sick dynamics and insane tempo changes that just kill. IRON LUNG delivers the speedfist a la CROSSED OUT and INFEST, but with a technical prowess those bands didn't mess with. Ace shit. Recorded at Polymorph (HIS HERO IS GONE, TRAGEDY, ARTIMUS PYLE, etc.).This disc from Macedonian (!) label Fuck Yoga (love that name!) features their tracks from the split LP with LANA DAGALES, the Demonstrations In Pressure And Volume EP, the split EP with TEEN CTHULHU, the split EP with BRAINOIL, split EP with BG, the split 5"EP with QUATTRO STAGIONI, and the comp tracks from the Reno:Where Dreams
Come To Die and Disturning The Peace compilations. Over thirty-four tracks of ultra blasting heaviness! Packaged in a transparent jewel case scheme with translucent cover and traycard, with the actual glossy booklet held underneath the disc tray...looks great!" CRUCIAL BLAST review

A pretty strange album from Macedonia of all places (which was previously a part of Yugoslavia, if yer geography is rusty), sent to us by Fuck Yoga Records. The bizarre name is a reference to Silence Of The Lambs, and these guys aren't the only band to use it: some quick google scanning turned up a Texan harsh noise outfit from the early '90s that had members of Black Leather Jesus and a funk-punk band from Oregon who both used the same name. The Macedonian Bill Skins Fifth is neither harsh power electronics nor Faith No More-influenced rap gunk, however. Rather, these weirdos cobble together a chaotic, fucked-up mess of neurotic metalcore, jazz, mathy indie rock, and melodic post-hardcore that's pretty damn experimental and disjointed but actually manages to keep me interested in spite of it schizo patchwork of dissonant metallic hardcore somewhere in between older Converge and Botch colliding head-on with jangly angular guitars, pop hooks, Primus-y basslines, and full on blasts of free jazz. I think there's some kind of concept at work here, with the series of illustrations in the booklet and the abstract personal lyrics seeming to tie into an ongoing story the band is telling with this album, but I'm not too sure. In any case, this is some cool, damaged metalcore weirdness, that's for sure. CRUCIAL BLAST review

Bombstrike - Born Into This CD RM20
The swedish warmaschine is back. 12 new swedish crusty hardcore tunes that falls somewhere between Skitsystem and Wolfbrigade. Great stuff, tight withall of the brutality and intensity you could need.

Obligatorisk Tortyr - Aterforodelse - CD RM20
The swedish grind / crust sickos are back with a 26 track CD. This three piece outfit combines old school grindcore with crustcore in the vein of Looking For An Answer and Skitsystem.

WHO'S MY SAVIOUR - The Glasgow Smile cd RM20
Germany..s Who's My Saviour with their first full length. They play a
fierce mix of crust punk, straight-up grindcore and dark metal hardcore.That is very savage both lyrically and musically. And came with emo violence..s vocals.

v/a America in Decline CD RM15
American hardcore punk circa 1996-97 w/ Brother Inferior, Apeface, Disco Crisis, Bad Genes, Showcase Showdown, Fanatics, Krupted Peasant Farmerz, Fuckface, Your Mother, Nothing Cool, The Criminals, Gringo, Cease & Desist, The Misanthropists, Chopping Block, Pretentious Assholes, The Mormons, Abstain, The McVeighs, The Young & The Useless, Rash Of Beatings, Orange Crotch, Utter Bastard, Benumb, Humpy, Old Man Homo.

Six Weeks Omnibus Vol I CD RM15
Out of print for seven years, we've decided to release this disc (originally appeared on 8" hard vinyl) with added bonus tracks from our second Japanese hardcore compilation, Violence (originally appeared on 8" vinyl flexi disc). Blazing hardcore/grind and punk tracks from the best bands Japan has to offer: THE GAIA, SLIGHT SLAPPERS, CEMENT, JACK WITH KILLER, ROSE ROSE, ZONE, ULTIMO RAUSEA, SENSELESS APOCALYPSE, TOAST, BEYOND DESCRIPTION, NO THINK, REAL REGGAE, FLASH GORDON, NICE VIEW, ONE SIZE FITS ALL & ARGUE DAMNATION.

Stack-"Konkret Lichtgeschwindikeit" CD RM15
When it comes too all out thrashcore mastery no one in Europe compares to Stack!! Light speed fastcore meets violent hardcore like Drop Dead or Capitalist Casualties. One of the best thrashcore records released in 4 years, this shit is off the hook!! CD version serves as a discography containing the tracks from the LP as well as all their previous recordings

SCATHA from Scotland is the band formed in 1993 by the ashes of Scottish celtic tribal HC band SEDITION and DISAFFECT. Their releases has been deleted & hard to find for a while but finally their discography CD is out here!! Although their activity term was short (1995 to 2005), their music was so influencial, almost globally just like former SEDITION. This CD is their total discography plus 2 unreleased tracks. It must be said SCATHA is less celtic /tribal compared to SEDITION but much simple, metalish with attitude and screaming "FUCK THE SYSTEM", total raging metalish crust HC attack!! Just like DISCHARGE and CHAOS U.K.. SCATHA has created another standard of hardcore, still now active as a new band called "T.R.I.B.E." which we must not miss!!

POLITICAL HARDCORE THRASHER "ARGUE DAMNATION"! They existed from 1994 to 2003 gigging around KOBE and OSAKA city with strong never changing attitude and DIY spirit.Almost complete discographical sellection, or get the MCR-120 so your ARGUE DAMNATION collection will complete except for their cassette only material

KAOSPILOT / kaospilot_diskografi RM20
Norway's great chaotic HC band Kaospilot's discography CD. Tracks include songs from the VAN JOHNSON SPLIT 7' / NEIL PERRY SPLIT 7' / s/t 7' ON NOVA RECORDINGS / s/t CD/LP LEVEL PLANE RECORDS / LUCKY THIRTEEN COMPILATION ON NOVA RECORDINGS. This CD also includes a MPEG video clip from a show in Germany.

"Gaidhlig Na Lasair" CD RM15
Fifteen songs in Gaelic by Oi Polloi, Mill a h-Uile Rud, Atomgevitter, Nad Aislingean and The Thing Upstairs. Gaelic is a minority language in Scotland, which is believed to die out within a century. These bands do their best to make sure that will not happen.

Cockroach "Take Four" CD RM15
Powerful crusty hardcorepunk from the village of Panningen, in The Netherlands.

GUTS PIE EARSHOT "Revolt Against" MCD RM10
German BreakBeatPunk - Live! with Cello. This is their new single with 2 songs. co-release with Tofu Guerrilla.

Point At Others MCD RM10
Six songs of hardhitting uptempo hardcore from The Netherlands. This is a co-release with Shield Recordings and Crash Landing Records

SLEEPING AT THE POPES were a hardcore/anarcho punk band that existed between 2004 and 2006 in Cape Town, South Africa. During their existence they played a number of shows with some of Cape Town's top bands. They also played along German band, Spermbirds, who toured SA during 2005. Sleeping at the Popes promoted ideas of animal rights and anarchism in their music…something which is uncommon in South African music. Some of the members went on to form a metal band called Enmity after the end of Sleeping at the Popes.

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