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The workgroup modern fortification (WMF) is a section of the Simon Stevin Vlaams Vestingbouwkundig Centrum. (former Simon Stevinstichting)

The Simon Stevin Centrum has the objective to promote the study, the conservation c.q. the restoration of fortifications (old, out of military use), as memorials of history and as monument of nature.

Our association is interested in the fortifications in Belgium and Europe. The study results in the newsletter of WMF :  WMF-News, the magazine Vesting, publications and the Newsflash with the latest information about activities, books, etc…

To obtain better results, the subject fortification is too large to cover all, a workgroup arose for the modern fortifications. This covers the Atlantic Wall, Maginot Line, Westwall, KW-line, WW-I bunker lines in Belgium, etc… Actually we have specialists for these subjects at home and abroad.

-> If you are interested to write some small articles for WMF-News, please let me know !!!


Frank Philippart    frank.philippart@be.ibm.com

Emmanuel Leysen

If you’re interested, surf to the page of the Simon Stevin vvC for further information.



You want to visit a Belgian fort, but which one????

Check this out !  http://www.fortenvanbelgie.be/






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