Stp Schlieffen at Adinkerke

Stp Schlieffen in Adinkerke




This site has been nicely hidden in the area  of Cabourg at Adinkerke.

The constructions lie close to the “Cabourgweg” opposite the "Woestijn hoeve".


The first battery that stood here was an army coastal battery consisting of  six 15.5 cm K 418 (f) guns sited on open brick emplacements named  battery 2 of Battalion 826 of HKAR 940.  In 1944 the battery name changed and became Battery 2 of Battalion II of HKAR 1240.  Generally known as  HKB La Panne.


However, during the course of the war the battery moved  to the  coast  to be in  line with the Navy coastal batteries.


In February 1943 the secondary  armament consisted of one 2 cm FlaK, one 2 cm gun, 6 MG’s and one mortar.  Later on, in December 1943, they received in addition one 3.7 cm FlaK, one 60 cm and one 150 cm searchlight, a 2 cm gun in a tank turret and a 2.5 cm gun.  (Mind that the battery was at that moment already at the coast)


After the army coastal battery has been moved to the coast line the site was manned by the 4th battery of Artillery Regiment 252 of the 171st  Infantry Division.  This battery was equipped with 15.5 cm guns, but in line with classic divisional batteries practice had only four guns.


For this purpose the Germans built four large gun casemates, Regelbau 611 with a crew room and two ammunition rooms and one command bunker, Regelbau 610.


After the war demolition of the bunkers began but  luckily was stopped.  One 611 is gone; the only thing you  can still see is the basement,  and from another just a piece of the crew room remains. Of the other two remaining 611’s one  is open to the public.  It still has its original wooden door and some ventilation  tubes.  On the wall there is the name of the strongpoint  Schlieffen.



      Outside view of the huge 611 casemate.  The original wooden door and right, the

                                                                                       entrance to the ammunition rooms.


Inside seen from the embrasure to the entrance.  Notice the well preserved ventilation pipe, the text to the left of it and the pipes to dump the empty cartridges.


The command bunker, type 610, also still exists.  It is also cleaned and open to the public.  Inside you can see several technical texts on the wall and outside you can still  see some camouflage paint.

The entrance of the 610, command bunker with the “Nahkampfscharte”.  Notice the remains of camouflage paint.


The association is also planning to restore one of the open emplacements and to set up a museum about the battery and the battle in the region in one of the barracks near to the water museum.


The battery was given  protected status  as an historical monument on June, the 10th 1999.


To visit, make an appointment with IWVA, Doornpanne 1, 8670 Koksijde, phone : (00)32 (0)58/52.15.55.  Entrance : Moeresteenweg 139, 8660 Adinkerke.


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