Atlantikwall tussen Willemstad en de Somme

Atlantikwall between Willemstad and the Somme

This new book will guide you along all the interesting bunker sites between the Dutch city of Willemstad and the estuary of the French river Somme.  This approach has not yet been done before !!!


Initially you have  the history and evolution of the development of the Atlantikwall.  Then more technical details are discussed like the thickness of the walls, the kind of bunkers, their function, etc.  This part ends with a chapter about the artillery used in the bunkers and about the railroad guns deployed at the coast.


The majority of the book describes 15 routes along the strongpoints and batteries.

For each strongpoint you have a description how to get there and a description of the site.  What kind of bunkers do you see there.  Next I am telling which unit was located there and what their armament was.  Finally, if it is available, you can read what happened there.


To give you some examples :

Antwerpen, Willemstad, Vlissingen, Breskens,

Zeebrugge, Bredene, Oostende, Westende, Adinkerke,

Tourcoing, Wizernes, Eperlecques, Aire-sur-la-Lys,

Bray-Dunes, Zuydcoote, Dunkirk, Loon-Plage, Petit-Fort-Philippe, Le Platier, Marck, Waldam,

Calais, Blériot-Plage, Sangatte, Hydrequent, Wissant, Mont de Couple, Cap Blanc Nez, Cap Gris Nez,

Boulogne, Mont Lambert, Creche, Mont de Couppe, Fort d'Aprech, Mont de Herquelingue,

Hardelot Plage, Mont St Frieux, Mont de Neufchâtel, Dannes, Etaples,

Le Touquet, Merlimont, Cucq, Berck, Fort Mahon Plage, Quend Plage, Colline Beaumont,

And many, many others…..


Next to this you will see the history of events that happened during 1940 -1945 in that region.

The battle for Walcheren

The crossing of the 15th Army over the Scheld

Operation Dynamo at Dunkirk in 1940

The pocket of Dunkirk in 1944-45

The desperate battle for Calais in 1940

The Canadian assault on Calais in 1944

The Canadian assaults on the large batteries Lindemann, Todt, Grosser Kurfürst, Friedrich August and the Cap Blanc Nez

The battle for Boulogne in 1944


Title : De Atlantikwall, Van Willemstad tot de Somme


Editor :                        Lannoo in Tielt,  Belgium

Authors :                     Frank Philippart

                                    Dirk Peeters

                                    Alain Van Geeteruyen

ISBN :                         90-209-5528-4

First edition :              May 2004

Pages :                       340

Illustrations :               approx 140

Language :                 dutch

Price in Belgium :      22.5 EUR


For those who already bought the book, here some very usefull, addition information !!!

Correction of the four faulty legends of the strongpoint maps


Atlantikwall erratum



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