Beka smiled gratefully down at her cream dragon. When Laseth and her gold sister had hatched, the dragonets had come up to the wrong candidates. Beka had exchanged smiles and then a quick confused glance with the other candidate, Nefenamun. But the dragonets had quickly switched places to stand in front of the proper candidates and Nefenamun had gotten her gold Zugribith and Beka had gotten her lovely little cream, Laseth.
      She remembered the lovely hatchling standing in front of her. She had reached down her hand to pet the delicate little body of her cream bond and Laseth had asked her a question: My name's Laseth. Do they have anything like me on your world, Beka?
      Beka had been quick to respond. "No, Laseth, they donít have anything like you on Pern. But youíre wonderful!" She had replied. And how true it was. She was thinking of staying on Alskyr because this was Laseth's birth place. It also held no horrible memories for Beka. She could start from scratch here. Start her life over with a clean slate, forget everything that had happened back on Pern.
      That's a good idea. I don't want to go to Pern. It sounds horrible. I like it here. I hatched here. We belong here, Beka, you and me. You were meant to stay here because you bonded me here.
      Beka smiled. How true Laseth's words rang. She would do it then! A new start! A new everything!

(Sorry about the short story. I'm updating while I'm at the library and I only have an hour to do so. I will try to add more once I get internet back.)

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