Tri Sloki Gita
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                                      Tri Sloki Gita

                                               (Gita in three verses)

                                                    Translated by



(Many savants believe that the verses number 16,17 and 18 from the chapter number 15 which details “the sign of the supreme personality” of Bhagwad Gita is the essence of Gita. I have given below the simple translation of these verses. Detailed commentary is available in



Dwavimou  purushou loke,

Ksharakshara  eva cha,

Kshara sarvani bhoothani,

Kootastho aakshara eva cha.                            15-16


Two type of men exist,

The fallible and infallible,

All living things are fallible,

And infallible among them are those,

Who are merged with the principle of God.


Uthamam purushasthwanya,


Yo loka trayamavisya,

Bibhartha vyaya Iswara.                                       15-17


But greatest among those is another,

Supreme self , who is said to be,

That lord who is spread all over,

And maintains the three parts of the universe.


Yasmath kshara matheetho  aham,

Aksharathapi chothama,

 Atho asmo loke  Vede cha,

Praditha purushothama.                                           15-18      


Because I am  beyond  the fallible one,

And greatest among the infallible ones,

The world and the books of Vedas,

Call me  as the most  supreme personality.


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